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Top 10 Best Christmas Light Projectors – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews



Christmas is a very important holiday. When decorating Christmas, you need a best Christmas light projector. There are many functional Christmas light projectors on the market. And they can provide great decorations to suit your preferences.

Besides, light projectors can be widely used on most occasions. There are different options for different occasions. Decorate indoors or outdoors? Need the effect of snow or the pattern of stars and moon? Remote control wireless mode for easy operation? Multi-color modes? This article lists 10 best Christmas light projectors, you can choose one from them.


Best Christmas Light Projectors


#9. Brightown Snow falling Christmas Projector Lights


When looking for the best snowing effect Christmas light projector, this is definitely the right one. The snowflake elements projected by the upgraded Brightown LED projector. Which are distinctive in distance or nearby, flickering and fading with a 3D effect. The constant snow falling down creates a realistic snow scene. It seems to put us in a fairy tale world!

Even better, it is durable because of high-quality ABS plastic and aluminum alloy materials. IP65 waterproof, very suitable for rain and snow weather. It is also a great choice both indoors and outdoors.


  • Wonderful Projection
  • High-end & Durable
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Easy to Install
  • Outdoor/Indoor Showing


#8. EAMBRITE Multi LED Activated Party Lights with Remote and Base


This EMBRITE Christmas light projector has an RF remote control. The control distance is farther than the infrared remote control. That is more suitable for outdoor lighting. Except for color selection, it has four-speed modes and automatic color changing functions. It can realize automatic switching of 10 color combinations. Besides, there is a timer, you can set 6 hours on, 18 hours off.

This light projector can be used for various occasions. Such as holiday or special day decoration house, wedding, church, school. Covering a distance of up to 5500 square feet about 25 feet, it is very suitable for outdoor use.


  • Multi-color selection
  • Four-speed modes
  • Wide application
  • RF remote control with a farther control distance
  • Weather resistance


#7. ENJOY PET Waterproof Outdoor Christmas Projector Lights with 2-in-1 Moving Patterns Ocean Wave


ENJOY PET Christmas light projector is a colorful light projector. It has two camera heads, one for RGBW water ripple effect and the other for pattern projection. It has 12 patterns of different colors and 10 water ripples of different colors. You can choose one according to your preferences.

The projector is waterproof. It is equipped with a 16.4-foot long power cable. So it is very suitable for outdoor use. It can work even in snowy days. At the same time, equipped with remote control, you can control it from a distance of 40 feet away. If you need to use it outdoors, you can consider buying this.


  • Ocean Wave + Pattern Light Projector
  • 100% Water Resistant for Outdoor
  • Remote control from a distance of 40 feet away
  • 16.4-foot long power cable
  • Multiple colors to choose


#6. Xhaus Multicolor Halloween Christmas Projector Lights (16 Slides 10 Colors)


If you want to create a romantic or happy atmosphere, we recommend this light projector. It has a variety of colors, and you can combine 10 water ripple effects. Also, there are 16 slides to choose from. With this light projector, you can match all kinds of effects you want.

Besides, it is made of durable ABS plastic. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. If used indoors, install the base. If it is outdoors, insert the pivot into the ground.


  • Combine 10 water ripple effects
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Indoors and outdoors use
  • Wireless Remote & Auto-Timer
  • 100% Waterproof


#5. Minetom Christmas Projector Lights Outdoor 26 HD Effects for Large House(RGB + Multicolor)


This color Christmas light projector has 26 lighting modes, which makes it a great choice. The projector has 2 motor drivers, with 10 colors switchable and 16 modes changeable. The projection angle is adjustable from -75 degrees to 90 degrees. The product works in the best projection range of 2137sq.Ft. Because of various colorful patterns, it is very attractive for children to enjoy in their daily lives.

Besides, this product can be placed on a table with a stand base or mounted on a wall or ceiling with screws and plastic plugs. For outdoor projection, you can use a 6.2-inch anchor to insert into the garden or yard. This multifunctional product is very suitable for festivals, holidays, and business environment decoration. It is also a great gift for family, relatives, friends, classmates, or colleagues.


  • 16 models and 10 colors
  • Attractive for children
  • Various installation options
  • Wide application
  • Gift option


#4. UPODA Christmas LED Snowfall Halloween Waterproof with Remote Control Timer and Music Player


Always consider a Christmas light projector with music function that you wish to buy. This is a wonderful light selection with a music function. The projection lamp supports TF card playback, MP3 format file playback. Also, you can download your favorite music. What’s more interesting is that this kind of light has a wireless remote control. It can control the switch, change the animation effect, and adjust the timing and speed. Besides, it has 8 different slides. Animation effects create real fairy tale scenes, giving you a unique visual experience.

The protection level of this multifunctional light projector is IP65. So the outdoor projector can be installed anywhere, even in rainy or snowy days!


  • Wonderful light selection with a music function
  • A wireless remote controller
  • 8 pieces of switchable animation effects
  • IP65 waterproof rating


#3. Syslux Indoor Outdoor Christmas Snowfall Projector Lights


If you need a snowfall Christmas light projector, this unit is a choice to consider. Create a realistic snow scene to celebrate your favorite holiday. You will see romantic snowflakes falling from the sky. And decorate the whole house with one projection lamp! The Snow lamp is very suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration. Such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, wedding. Also, it is the most convenient holiday decoration. It only takes a few minutes to complete the installation.

Besides, with an IP65 waterproof cover, it is very suitable for decorating your garden. Use a 300° adjustable projector head, you can easy to aim the light at the decorated place.


  • 12-month warranty
  • 300-degrees rotation angle
  • Easy to install
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Excellent snowfall effect


#2. Pherunic WiFi Galaxy Projector Light Built-in Bluetooth Speaker


Built-in Bluetooth speakers, this light projector is a wonderful choice. The unit connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Or plug in a USB flash drive to enjoy music or bedtime stories. While enjoying the beauty of the starry sky, enjoy relaxing atmosphere songs. Due to this, this lamp is suitable for occasions such as weddings, parties, Christmas, and Halloween.

And you no longer have to worry about leaving the sofa to turn on or off the led night light. You can use the remote control to light on the light projector. Or the automatic shutdown timer function will save you more money.


  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Remote and Auto-off Time
  • Music starry projector light
  • Best Gift for Adults and Kids
  • Perfect for most occasions


#1. KAREEME Holiday Christmas Projector Lights Waterproof with Remote Control


This is a classic two-in-one Christmas projection lamp. The projection lamp has 9 unique image patterns and 10 colors of ocean waves effect. Its slides are not cheap films but carved on glass, never Fading, clearer, longer life. Besides, it is equipped with a ground stake and a round base, which can be placed on a table or inserted into the ground. It is suitable for most occasions outdoors and indoors.

This Christmas light has UL, CE, ROHS safety certification. A built-in automatic heating device, plus a 12-month warranty, makes it a good purchase option.


  • 9 unique image patterns and 10 colors of ocean waves effect
  • Long-life slides
  • Update durable high-quality ABS material
  • UL, CE, ROHS certification
  • 12-month warranty
  • Two installation options


Christmas Light Projectors Buying Guides


Patterns and effects

Christmas projection lights are used to heighten the atmosphere. So lights with various patterns and effects are very important. To meet the atmosphere needs of various scenes, we need to buy a projection lamp with many patterns and effects.


If it is used in the garden, or on rainy days, we need to consider whether the lamp is waterproof. Generally speaking, we should choose a projection lamp with an IP44 waterproof or a higher IP65 rating.

Wireless remote control

This feature will improve your experience. The important thing is to save your time. You can control the lighting effects on the sofa. You can also turn off the lights while sleeping.

Extra features

Some Christmas projection lights have extra functions, which can enrich your experience. For example, music playback, Bluetooth speakers, APP applications. Of course, these all depend on your preferences.




When we choose Christmas projection lights, we should pay attention to many aspects. This article lists 10 products for you to choose from. We believe that one of them will suit you. Hope these lights can decorate your Christmas and holidays perfectly.


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