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Top 8 Best Night Light Projectors – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews



Night light projectors are a simple yet effective way to lighten up the mood. Even a low budget night light projector can completely change the ambiance of an entire room. You have to know which one to look for. But that’s the only problem.

With all the different versions and companies available, getting a good night light projector can be difficult. We’ve brought together 10 of the best night light projectors that you can buy in 2020. We’ve also included a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the best one for your room.


Best Night Light Projectors


#8. Moredig Night Light Projector with Remote Control and Timer


Let’s start our list off with this night Light Projector from Moredig. At first glance, you’d probably think that this is straight out of a Star Wars movie. The projector looks like a little robot, and it’s packed with features.

The best part about this is that it’s remote-controlled. So you can toggle the power while sitting on the bed. The night light projector caters to toddlers, and it has warm and subtle lighting to keep the babies relaxed and calm.


  • 12 built-in soft songs
  • The animal world or starry sky projections switches things up
  • The remote control makes things very easy
  • The timer makes it easy to control
  • The motions are soothing and toddler friendly


#7. Eicaus 2 in 1 Star Projector with LED Nebula Cloud/Moving Ocean Wave for Kids


Our next entry is this compact night light laser projector from Eucaus. The brand’s pretty new in the game, but they do justice to their night lights. The only bummer is that you can only get this one in black. The patterns in this one include ocean waves or the classic starry night.

The top of the night light projector has a round disco-ball shaped dome. The shape helps project the light onto the ceiling relatively easily. A lot of parents prefer ocean wave patterns. It’s a light shift from the classic starry nights.


  • Remote controlled on/off timer makes things simpler
  • A USB cable powers it, so it’s very convenient.
  • The Bluetooth or TF card settings make this an excellent buy
  • With so many different patterns, your kids will never get bored while falling asleep.
  • You can change the colors of the laser lighting anytime with the remote


#6. Elecbytes Starry Sky Night Light Projector


Next up is this night light projector for kids from Elecbytes. This is one of the highest-rated products and for a good reason. You might find it similar to our first entry, the Moredig projector. Although it has some similarities when it comes to looks, it does have some significant differences.

You can control the light projector from up to 32 feet away. The remote control is also equipped with smart settings, and it also has a timer setting. The lights are subtle and won’t hurt your kid’s eyes while they’re trying to fall asleep.


  • It can work continuously for up to 13 hours because of the 1200mAh battery
  • You can set a timer for 5-999 minutes
  • The rotation helps the light project onto walls too
  • You can control it sitting 32 feet away!


#5. SOAIY Soothing Aurora LED Night Light Projector


Another night light projector in the budget segment is this one from SOAIY. This is rather interestingly shaped. But don’t underestimate the design, as it’s made to ensure a 360-degree projection onto your wall.

You can get this one in black. But the different colored projections help compensate for the lack of color choices. The dome cover can be removed to bring out a different pattern.


  • Witness an Aurora Borealis-like experience right at your home
  • The built-in speaker can play songs from your smartphone, iPod, or any other music player.
  • You can use two different patterns by swapping out the dome top
  • The brightness of the lights and volume of the songs are adjustable to your liking
  • Automatic shut-off makes things convenient


#4. Fisher-Price SmartConnect Projector


Fisher-Price wouldn’t need any introduction. They are very famous for their kids’ toys and other kids’ products. The best thing about them is the reliability. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but it’s worth it.

The 3 sound and 3 lighting options make it a great buy. It even has a smartphone app called SmartConnect that helps you control it from your android or iOS device. You can handle pretty much all the settings right from the app while sitting in another room.


  • Three sound settings and three different lighting settings
  • The soft light is perfect for helping your kids fall asleep
  • The app is well-developed and quite intuitive
  • The tactile buttons on the projector make it easy to control


#3. MOKOQI Starry Pattern Night Light Projector


Now, this is one of the products that will spread the light across the whole room. You can see the best results in the pitch-dark rooms. And also you can choose from a variety of colors. The different settings make this a fantastic buy.

You can juice it up with either a USB charger or the more convenient AAA batteries. The timers can be set for up to 99 minutes, and it will shut itself off after that.


  • Two-way power makes things easy
  • Eight different light projection settings
  • You can adjust the display angles
  • You can control the brightness


#2. iAVO Bluetooth Ocean Wave Projector Lamp


The penultimate entrant on our list is this neat looking night light projector from iAVO. This one looks just like a small and compact wifi router. But it packs quite a punch. It will spread the light across the whole room no matter how small it is.

You can get a 7-colored ocean wave pattern and Bluetooth settings too to play some music. The 360 lighting is not an over-exaggeration either.


  • Bluetooth speakers are convenient
  • The lamp is remote control making it easier to control
  • Eight built-in calming sounds that help while falling asleep
  • The brightness is adjustable


#1. BNL Night Light Projector with Sky Galaxy Constellation for Baby Bedrooms


If you’re into galaxies and constellations, this starry light night projector BNL is for you. You can even customize the shapes of the starts with this one. The lighting effects help you switch things up a little.

The remote control and the timer settings are must-have in this segment. You’ll be surprised by the customizability of this projector.


  • 360-degree projection
  • Galaxy or constellations can be projected on to the wall
  • Compact but packs a punch
  • Six amazing lighting effects


Night Light Projector Buying Guides


Remote Control

This is one of the deciding factors while buying a night light projector. If you don’t have a problem spending more money, you should opt for a product that comes with remote control. That will make things a whole lot easier. If it doesn’t have a remote control, make sure it has a smart app to accompany it.

Brightness/Color Modes

Consider the different color and brightness modes. If you can’t adjust the brightness of the lights, it’s a total NO from us. A night light projector should come with different colored lights and effects. Even if you’re OK with just one classic effect, you should opt for one with multiple colored lights.

Battery Life

You shouldn’t opt for a product that will fall asleep faster than your kids, now should you? Make sure the battery life is at least 2-3 hours. The battery lives are always less than the ratings, so it’s better to stay on the safer side.




That’s all from us. This list includes different night light projectors from various brands. They come with different price tags but fulfill the same purpose. So you can pick any one of them depending on your budget and the features you want. You won’t be disappointed with any of these.


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