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Top 5 Best UV Light Bulbs – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews



Covid-19 has made more and more people concerned about personal hygiene. Except wearing masks when going out, people pay more attention to home disinfection.

We all know 75% alcohol and various disinfectants. In fact, there is a good disinfection method, which is to use ultraviolet light bulbs.

UV light bulbs can provide better sterilization effects. It is very suitable for use in most spaces. You can use it in the bathroom, living room and bedroom. There are many kinds of lamps to choose from. In order to find the right UV lamp, read through the following list of 10 best UV bulbs and buying guide.


Best UV Light Bulbs


#5. Coospider E26 25w UVC Light Bulb Lamp Covers up to 400sq ft.


This Coospider UV lamp provides a powerful 253.7nm wavelength. Equal to 30 times the sunlight, it can effectively sterilize. It has a wide range of applications, and can work as a bed, room space, or surface. Besides, it covers up to 400 square feet. However, when this lamp is working, eyes and skin cannot be exposed to UVC!!! You must leave the room and approach it before turning off the bulb.

Also, it is very convenient to use. With E26 base, it can work in conventional screw-in sockets without special connection. Each bulb has undergone 2 inspection processes and has a service life of 8000 hours. You don’t have to worry about quality issues.


  • Easy to use
  • Wide application covers up to 400 square feet
  • Powerful 253.7nm wavelength
  • Regular E26 base
  • 8000 hours LED lifespan


#4. GOZYE UV Light Sanitizer Disinfection Lamp With Ozone


This is a versatile ultraviolet germicidal lamp. Sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, and formaldehyde removal. It can clean the living environment and prevent the spread of influenza virus. There is no dead angle and 360° complete disinfection to keep the environment clean. Also, the light can cover 50 square meters. It is very suitable for public places such as homes, hospitals, restaurants and shopping malls.

Besides, three time periods are available, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes. You can make smart settings according to your needs. Equipped with a smart child lock function, this is a very safe choice for all users.


  • Built-in three time periods
  • Wide application
  • Cost-effective light
  • Cover 50 square meters
  • Smart child lock function
  • 360° complete disinfection


#3. UV Ozone Lamp Household 36W Timer 15/30/60 Minutes Control


This lamp has great and efficient ultraviolet rays, with 36W. It has superior light and can cover an application area of 600 square feet. Suitable for families, hotels, shops, clinics, schools, salons.

The package includes a pair of protective glasses, which can protect the eyes from UVC rays. This guarantees safe use.

Besides, remote intelligent timing control, there are 15/30/60 minutes options. Different timer modes designed for different needs. The wide range and powerful remote control can receive signals from the back wall and turn it on or off. Finally, with 1 year warranty service, you can buy with confidence.


  • 36W power output
  • Remote intelligent timing control
  • Include a pair of protective glasses
  • 600 sq FT irradiation area
  • 1 year warranty service


#2. Wall Plug-In Air Sanitizer For Home with 2 UVC Bulbs

This is a pluggable mini air purifier. It has antibacterial and antivirus functions. The fully enclosed processing room can prevent UV and ozone leakage. Better protect your eyes and skin from harm. Moreover, it will only work properly when plug it into a 120V socket.

Unlike conventional UV light purifiers, it provides a pre-installation and a replacement bulb. If used 24 hours a day, each bulb can be replaced for 6-8 months! However, it will not increase your electricity bill. Each bulb only costs about 40 cents a month. So, you can use it 7*24 hours, it is powerful enough to remove bacteria and microbe air in a room of 10×10 feet in two hours!


  • Pluggable mini air purifier
  • Pre-installation and a replacement bulb
  • Safe to use
  • Wide application
  • Affordable option


#1. Dsane UV Light Sanitizer, Area-with Ozone Quartz Lamp


Dsane 36W UV lamp is a high-quality lamp. The high compressive strength of the shell and the 6mm solid steel column make it very safe and practical. Ultraviolet light provides a stronger wavelength of 254nm. Long life and high transmission rate. The sterilization effect is better. Covering a room area of 40 square meters. You can use it in many places, such as small rooms, beds, sofas, carpets and pet rooms.

It has micro-ozone, which can remove formaldehyde and odor. It can fill the entire room and purify the air without dead spots. However, ozone contains a peculiar smell which requires ventilation before completed. Besides, the timing is 15/30/60 minutes. Delay 15 seconds Start to ensure largest safety.


  • High-quality
  • Long life and high transmission rate
  • Widely used
  • Micro-ozone can remove formaldehyde and odor
  • Delay 15 seconds Start


UV Light Bulbs Buying Guides


Principle of UV light disinfection

The principle is using the released ultraviolet rays to inactivate bacteria and viruses. Which achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection. The specific working principle is the light source of the ultraviolet lamp. At present, there are two main light sources: gas discharge light and solid-state light.

The most available gas discharge light sources are low-pressure mercury lamps. Its working principle is the same as that of a fluorescent lamp. The mercury vapor generates ultraviolet rays by energizing the mercury atoms. Low-pressure mercury vapor generally produces 254 nm UVC and 185 nm UVD ultraviolet rays.

Among them, 254 nm short-wave ultraviolet (UVC) destroys the molecular structure of the DNA and RNA. It causes cell death, and achieves the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

Although 185 nm UVD ultraviolet rays do not have effective sterilization effect. It can decompose oxygen in the air and generate ozone. The strong oxidizing property of ozone can oxidize and decompose the enzymes. Without these enzymes, bacteria cannot survive. When choosing an ultraviolet lamp, you will find that almost all lamps have or do not have ozone function. This is actually determined by the working principle of the ultraviolet lamp.

The other solid-state light source refers to the UV-LED light source. Although the volume is small, the efficiency is much lower than the low-pressure mercury lamp above. And due to cost issues, the price is also very expensive. Generally used in water purifiers , Air conditioning and other equipment.

How much power is the most suitable UV lamp?

After talking about the principle of the UV lamp, then we must consider the specific choice. Regardless of appearance, the most critical selection criterion is wattage. Then how much wattage you should chose?

Generally speaking, 1 cubic meter of UV lamp should not be less than 1.5W. So, assuming your bedroom is 20 square meters and 3 meters high, you need a 40W ultraviolet lamp for your bedroom.

Another thing is the material of the bulb. At present, there are two main glass materials: quartz glass and high boron glass. The transmittance and radiation of quartz glass are higher than high boron glass. And the penetration of short-wave ultraviolet rays is weak, so be sure to choose quartz glass.

Besides, the shape and installation method of the lamp should also be considered. We recommend to choose beautiful ultraviolet lamps. When in use, the ultraviolet rays can be placed on a high position such as a table for irradiation.

Also, there are also some smaller portable UV lamps on the market. Although the power is lower, it can be used to disinfect small spaces such as closets and refrigerators. It is also a good choice.

Is the ozone function necessary?

Generally, furnitures and sundries will block the transmission of ultraviolet rays. So, we recommend that you choose ultraviolet lamps with ozone. Ozone can flow through the air to completely sterilize some dead spots. However, ozone is harmful to the human body. After the disinfection complete, open the window for 30-60 minutes until there is no pungent smell of ozone.

How long does the UV bulb need to be disinfected?

Usually a brand-new 30W ultraviolet lamp has an intensity of 90-100μW/cm² at 1 meter. The research report pointed out that UVC with an intensity greater than 90 μW/cm² can kill the virus in 60 minutes. So, you can follow the maximum dose for 60 minutes of irradiation for disinfection.

But whether it is ultraviolet light or ozone, long-term exposure can cause certain damage to the items. Thus, the exposure time is not suitable for too long. Besides, the ultraviolet lamp has a life span. As you use it, take it extend the single irradiation time.

What should I pay attention to when using UV lamps?

Ultraviolet light can inactivate bacteria and viruses. And, it is also harmful to the human body. So when using it, it should not be irradiated to the human body! When buying, try to choose a UV lamp with delayed start, human body induction and other functions. Make sure to use it as safe as possible.

If you choose a UV lamp with ozone function, remember to open the window for 30-60 minutes after use. Until smelling no pungent odor.

Besides, the lamp tube contains mercury vapor. So pay attention to safety when using and storing. Do not break the lamp tube, mercury vapor is also quite harmful to the human body.

After using the UV lamp, we recommend to wipe the surface of the lamp tube to remove dust and other dirt. After all, the penetration ability of ultraviolet rays is too weak. And, as the life of the UV lamp, we recommend you to replace the lamp . Generally speaking, its life span is about 8000 hours, but you can’t wait for its life to run out before replacing it. If the frequency of use is not particularly high, we recommend to replace it every one to two years.




Whether it is alcohol, disinfectant, or UV light bulb, they are all auxiliary methods. You need to use them appropriately. The importance is personal hygiene, frequent ventilation, and develop good habits. You should maintain a clean and hygienic environment indoors. However, If you need to buy one, read this article.


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