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How to Choose Clip-on Lamps?



No one likes a cluttered and disorganized desk. Not only is it hard to manage, but a messy table can lead to a lack of concentration in work and an unmotivated drive to complete your tasks.

However, if you’re someone who has to keep many things on your desk because of the work-life you lead. How about taking some minimalistic yet smart approaches to maintain your desk?

Clip-on Lamps

One of the main things which occupy a lot of space on your desk, but is still a necessity is a table lamp. So, while you cannot remove it from your desk, how about taking an alternative approach?

What is it? Find out below.

What is a Clip-on Lamp?

The clip-on lamps are generally of two types—one which is easily attached to the desk and others used on tables or walls.

The clip-on lamp for study tables and desks is an excellent addition to your work desk. These laps are easily attached to the edge of the desk, a floating shelf, and even a rigid board. The clip on the lamp is fixed on the edge, and the light can be adjusted in height and placement wherever you want.

It is a very convenient approach to maintaining a decluttered work desk and ensuring that you get enough light too.

While the lamps on the desk are easily clipped, the ones for the wall are just as convenient. These clip-on lamps can easily be directly clipped on the standard or flame light bulbs. The lamp also has a wire assembly which is firmly fixed around the lamp in a neat and precise manner.

These lamps are relatively new and quickly take over, leaving their old counterparts behind. If you were intrigued by one of these lamps but did not know when and how to use it, don’t worry.

Below we have concluded a bunch of events on which a clip-on lamp will come in handy.

Glocusent 5W Bed Light, 36 LED Reading Lamps for Bed, Eye Caring Bed Reading Light, 3 Color & 5 Brightness Levels, Clip on Reading Light for Bed with Gooseneck, Perfect Bed Lamps for Headboard

  • Eye Protection & Health Design
  • 3 Color Modes & 5 Brightness Levels
  • Flexible Gooseneck Just as You Wish
  • Sturdy Clamp & Handy Controller
  • Product Box Contains: 1*Headboard Reading Light 1* USB AC Adapter 1*User Manual 1*Bookmark

When to Use a Clip-on Lamp?

Clip-on lamps, like all other lamps, serve great purposes. However, the only difference is that these lamps do better benefits and come in handy than regular lamps. Some of its uses are:

Study Table

If you have a small table and cannot afford to put a lamp on it or hate how decluttered your table can become sometimes. Then buying a clip-on lamp might be your best bet. These lamps will easily be attached to the edge, saving you a lot of space while providing sufficient light.

Party Tables

People nowadays are pretty big on decoration. No party goes without putting your mind on the details of each decoration piece. The clip-on lamps will come in handy in such events.

The lamps will easily be attached to fluorescent bulbs giving the glow your table needs while simultaneously making it look aesthetically pleasing.

On Your Wall

If you are tired of regular lamps, these clip-on ones can be a fantastic addition to your house. The clip-on lights aren’t limited in shape and size, and the diversity it holds will make you go in awe. The lamps are so beautiful and pleasing to look at that you will be having a hard time picking the one which suits you best, trust us.

So, let go of those old styles and pick up the clip-on lamps for a modern outlook.

What Are Some of the Best Clip-on Lamps?

Remember how we just talked about clip-on lamps being available in many shapes and forms. Hence, their diversity can make it hard for you to narrow your decision to just one.

Well, let us then make it easier for you. Here are some of the best clip-on lamps you can find and inspiration for lights you might be looking for.

GLORIOUS-LITE 36 LED Clip-on Light

The cutest clip-on lamp you can find. These clip-on lamps have a unique circular shape design with a neck length of 15 inches. The lamp has a 360-degree rotatory mode and can be turned in any direction.

Available in four different light shades of reading: bright and dim white followed by encouraging and murky yellow, this clip-on lamp is the best option to put on your work desk. So, if you are looking for a minimalistic yet cute light to put on your table, then this might work well for you.

GLORIOUS-LITE LED Clip on Light, 36 LED Reading Light, 4 Modes Book Light, 360° Rotation Gooseneck Reading Lamp, Eye-Caring Clip on Lamp for Bed, Desk,Computer, Headboard, Dorm Room(White)

  • Multi Lighting Modes
  • 360° Flexible Clamp Light
  • Eye-Caring Reading Lights for Books in Bed
  • USB Powered(AC adapter NOT INCLUDED)
  • Cost-effective Bed Lamp

Energizer Rechargeable LED Book Light

If you have a habit reading a book in bed at night, this is your perfect buy. This energizer rechargeable LED Booklight is easily attached to the edge of your side table or bed’s headrest. The light is enough to give you sufficient illumination to help you read without putting strain on your eyes.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about batteries. This is because these lights are rechargeable and can easily be charged through a USB cable that comes with them. So, if you are looking for a small and sufficient reading light, this will work best for you.

Energizer Rechargeable LED Book Light, Bright LED Clip Light for Reading in Bed, Compact with Flexible Neck, Great Clip On Reading Light (USB Cable Included)

  • [Great for travel]: One (1) Energizer Rechargeable LED Book Light
  • [Small & compact]: Clip on book light is easy to pack on trips
  • [USB Rechargeable]: A great personal flashlight for reading and travel
  • [Adjustable Brightness Level]: Adjust the brightness of this rechargeable flashlight from 10 to 100 lumens
  • [Long-Lasting Charge]: LED reading light runs for 5 1/2 hours on High and fully recharges in 4 hours
  • [Points where you need it]: LED light features a flexible neck to direct the beam

Gatco 1686 Latitude II

The Gatco 1686 is one of the best buys for cute and pleasing clip-on lamps. These lamps come in a pair of three which can easily be attached to any wall you want. So, attach it to your washroom or hang it up in your bedroom; these lights will efficiently provide the light and look.

Moreover, the best part about these lights is that they come with a lifetime guarantee. So, whenever you feel like your light gave up on you, the company can always fix it.

Gatco 1686 Latitude II Triple Sconce, Chrome

  • From a company that’s known for outstanding quality since 1977, Gatco presents its hallmark suite, Latitude II. With a full range of bath accessories in up to 4 REMARKABLE finishes, this collection offers everything you need to reimagine your bathroom
  • An acute approach with the beveled edge and keen stylish escutcheon plate, The Latitude II series offers DESIGNER APPEAL without the designer price
  • Superb quality resonates from this hand polished, HAND CRAFTED sconce of high caliber metalwork and concealed set screws
  • Can be EASILY mounted on a variety of surfaces including, but not limited to tile and drywall
  • Ensuring our excellence, Gatco products have always included a LIFETIME WARRANTY along with all necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions.


If you were planning to buy clip-on lamps but didn’t understand their purpose and use. Then we hope this article was sufficient to give you the valid information and the best clip-on lamps you can find in the market.

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