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How to choose indoor stair lights the right way: Here’s all you need to Know to light up your staircase



Walking down the stairs at night can be scary: thoughts of a hand appearing out of nowhere and grabbing your foot make you hurry down the stairs to reach the landing lights before you fall off the stairs and break an arm or two. Indoor stair lights are the best solution to evade this terrifying experience. Here’s how you can choose the best indoor stair lights that are easy on your electricity bill, ensures safety in your walk down the stairs, and create a perfect ambiance for your stairwell. Read on to find out how you can choose the stair lights and add a magical charm to your staircase.

3 ways to design your staircase to make it look warm and inviting:

Interior lighting of a staircase is necessary for safety purposes, but it is also a great way to decorate your stairwell. With proper lighting, it’s easy to navigate stairs at night or when the lights are dim. Here’s how you can jazz up your staircase with these staircase lighting designs:

1.1 Install a Sky-scraper Chandelier light:

One of the ways you can add oomph to your staircase is by installing a skyscraper chandelier or a large pendant to your ceiling. This will turn your otherwise boring and easily ignored space captivating and appealing to the eyes.

1.2 Opt for low-level lights:

Recessed lights such as led lights can be installed at different heights along with the staircase. Install them high up for a wash-down effect or in the string along the stairs to give your staircase a modern and elegant look.

1.3 Focus on Texture and materials:

Throw some drama to the stone texture of your staircase with a cascading assortment of crystal glass ornaments that fall from the ceiling like a waterfall, exuding luxury and adding opulence to your stairwell.

Types of Indoor Stairs Lighting 

2.1 Strip Stair Lighting 

Strip stair lighting is an easy way to make your staircase look attractive and elegant at the same time. These lights come in a coil and run along the side of the stairs by sticking to the surface, making them convenient to install and position.

2.2 Recessed Stair Lighting

The recessed LED stair lighting is less noticeable (hence the name recessed) and is installed to the side of your stairs into the wall to give a classic and professional look to your staircase.  

2.3 Battery Operated Stick On Stair Lighting

Battery-operated stick-on lights are a convenient and pocket-friendly solution for your dimly lit staircase. These lights come with adhesive backing and can stick to anywhere you want. Plus, they are long-lasting and keep your staircase well-lit and shining for a good 6 to 8 hours.

2.4 Motion Sensor Stair Lighting

Motion sensor stair lighting is an economical choice for stair lighting. These lights run on batteries and come with sensors that will turn the lights on when it detects any motion before turning off after 30 seconds. So, with these sensor-equipped lights, it’s a race against time to turn on that switch while the lights are still on.

Why you need to purchase quality Indoor Stair Lights:

It is important to purchase quality indoor stair lights as it not only provides safety but also add an inviting glow to your staircase. Here are the six factors you need to keep in mind while choosing indoor stair lights.

3.1 Light Colors 

Choosing the right color for your stair lighting is crucial that complements and adds a wow factor to your home. Your choices are not restricted to the typical white and yellow beams. You can always experiment with bold colors or go for LED color-changing lights to give a quirky look to your staircase.

3.2 Light Modes

Before buying staircase lighting, it is important to check the mode of the light. Most stair lights are equipped with two-power switch modes that make it convenient to switch them on and off without worrying about whether you are in the upper or lower portion of stairs.

Moreover, the day and night mode feature allows you to manage the LED brightness to create a warm and cozy environment.  

 3.3 Durability

It is always best to buy LED lights that are fancy and durable as you don’t want to have a broken light every now and then. Staircase lights made of aluminum and frosted acrylic add bling to your stairway without being too pretentious.

3.4 Installation

If you want to install stair lighting with LED strips, there are several ways you can do it, depending on the type of stairs (curved or straight) and where you want to place the lights.

Take an accurate measurement of the length of the installation area. For exact placement, you might need a strip light with frequent cut marks to match your desired length.

You have the option of placing the lights below the stairs to give off a soft glow or mounting the lights along the side of the staircase for a neat and contemporary look.

Also, it is always best to buy lights that are easy to install and do not look messy once they are mounted on the stairs.

3.5 Power Source

The power source is an important factor that you should keep in mind while choosing indoor stair lights. Depending on your staircase’s architecture and preferences, you may opt for battery-powered lighting, lights that need to be plugged into a junction box, or AC-powered stair lighting.


Staircase lights are an affordable way to upgrade your home and make your stairs look stylish. Choosing the best staircase lights for your stairwell can be a tricky task. But with this guide, you can easily pick the lighting that fulfills both the functional and decorative needs of your interior. From recessed stair lights to battery-operated ones, you can design these lights according to your wish to bring all that bling and glitter to your stairway.

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