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How to Pick the Right Monitor Light Bar?



If you are someone who spends a lot of time in front of the monitor screen and that too under un ideal lightening. Then we are sure you must have experienced strain on your eyes.

If that is the case, or you are simply looking for a way to brighten up your computer space, then we suggest you purchase monitor bar lights. If you don’t know what these lights are, then take a look below.

What is a Monitor Light Bar?

There is no denying that the evolving world has increased the constant use of monitors and other gadget devices. People spending long hours constantly in front of the screen complained of severe headaches, and that is when some genius came up with the idea of the monitor light bar.

Monitor Light Bar, also known as screen bar, is a fantastic invention that helps outing off the strain from your eyes. These lights are an accessory that can be put on the top of the backside of your monitor screen. The light bar then helps to illuminate your monitor’s surroundings, specifically the dark areas. This, in turn, provides you with a well-lit setup to work in, even at night.

While they provide better light conditions to work in, that is not all. These light bars also help remove extra glares that shine through your screen and strain your eyes.

Sounds impressive, right? A simple light is doing fantastic work to help you maintain a better work environment. However, there is more to it. Monitor light bars provide several amazing benefits, which we are sure you would love to know about.

Amazing Benefits of Monitor Light Bar

If you are someone who plans to buy a monitor light bar because of the endless hours you have to work in front of the screen. Then we are sure you must want to understand the benefits they give before making a purchase.

If this is the case, you have landed at the right place. Below are several benefits you can avail of from a monitor light bar.

Spacious Desk

The best part about monitor bar lights is that they can be attached to the back or on top of the monitor. Hence, unlike pendants or standing lamps, they do not take up unnecessary space on your computer.

Moreover, these lights have a USB plug and can easily be inserted into your system, avoiding the need for a pin or socket.

Adjustable Lights

The monitor bar lights also help to create an aesthetic atmosphere. The lights can be adjusted according to the preference of users. So, you can either lower it or turn it up. Moreover, many lights offer a change in colors too. So, you can create a whole mood while working on your tasks.

Improved Efficiency

Studies have proven that better lighting helps in improved efficiency. This is because dim lights put a strain on the eyes and lower the concentration levels.

Hence, working with better and improved light will help you achieve your tasks and goals quicker and helps you become more creative.


The lights help you with a better ambiance and are budget-friendly. Depending on the brand and type of light you buy, these lights can vary from very low to very high prices.

Best Monitor Light Bar

Now that you understand the benefits of a monitor light bar, we are sure your next step will be to search for some of the best monitor light bars. Well, we just saved your time and enlisted some of the best ones below:

BenQ ScreenBar

Definitely ranked on the top when it comes to monitor bar lights, these BenQ screen bars are a must if you search for some good lighting. Good lighting can make significant differences to your monitor desk, and this light proves it.

Available on Amazon, these BenQ light provides a yellowish tone in lightening. It hence helps lower eye strains and provides a peaceful environment for gaming to work at home.


Philips Hue Play

The Philips Hue Play is an all-in-one monitor light bar in the literal sense. Not only do these light bars help set the mood with the variety of colors it offers, but it has enabled voice control which can switch on Alexa and Google for you.

So, whether it is gaming or watching a movie, these bar lights will create the aesthetics you need. However, the only drawback is that these lights are preferable for larger screens. So, if you have a small device, you need to think before you buy it.


Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar

These monitor bar lights are very budget-friendly than the other two above. Not only do these prevent glare on the screen, but their calm and light tone gives a strain-free and peaceful environment to work in.

The best part is that it is easily installable and adjustable. Moreover, the light bar is sensory, so it immediately switches on when you turn on your monitor system. With the magnetic rotation system on the top of the screen, you will love this light bar’s convenience.


Baseus Monitor Light Bar

The Baseus Monitor Light is so sleek and stylish that it will give your monitor screen an aesthetic look by just being on top. The light gives off a very soft and natural light helping you with lesser eye strain and getting you through long work hours.

The best part is that these light bars have a touch sensor, so you won’t have to get up and adjust the buttons for your preferred lighting. You can sit still, and the light will adjust itself with one touch.



If you were searching for some excellent monitor bar lights but wanted to understand its benefits too, we hope this article was sufficient to do the job for you.

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