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How To Select Right LED Light Strips for Car?



LED lights have been booming everywhere since the day they were invented. The significant reason for their popularity is they are energy-efficient and last longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

How To Select Right Car LED Light Strips

What benefit can they offer other than being cost-effective or power-efficient? These lights are easy to install and can create a dramatic effect when you opt for the multicolor option.

Does the selection seem hectic to you? Don’t worry. This guide will get your problem solved. No doubt they are frugal, but there are some considerations you need to consider for a preferred suitable selection. Here we go!

What Is LED Light Strip?

Let’s figure out what LED is first? An LED is Light Emitting Diode, also known as a light-producing semiconductor device. This electronic equipment is infused with silicon and other quality pieces that block the current in one direction while allowing it to flow from the other.

Now, LED light strips, commonly renowned as LED tape or ribbon light, contain a flexible circuit board populated with the light-emitting diode with the sticky adhesive back. They were used for decorative purposes first. Due to enhancement in lumen efficiency, they prove helpful in places where higher brightness is needed.

LED light strips can produce enormous amounts of light, making them very versatile. There are multiple variants and as well as exceptions, but typically they have the following characteristics:

  • Strip consists of individual LED light emitters to emit visible light when required.
  • LEDs can operate on DC power at low voltage.
  • Available in different colors with variable brightness.
  • It includes a very long reel of 16 feet / 5 meters. Easy to cut into lengths.

Compared with incandescent and neon bulbs, LED bulbs are preferable. Not because they are cost-effective or tough to the surrounding, but because they consume significantly less energy and can function optimally when the voltage is low.

How does Multicolor LED Light Strip work?

Multicolor LED strip simply includes three colors. Red, green, and blue. RGB LED means three colors in a single package.

Colors are created by combining different brightness levels and various color combinations. By nature, LEDs are dimmable. Each color can produce all the hues of a single color with the help of a built-in LED controller.

Each color can recreate 256 shades of the same color. What range of color do we get by combining three LED lights in a single ribbon? Incredibly, you will receive 16.7 million color combinations. Quite fascinating.

How do these color combinations emerge? By playing with the brightness levels. RGB LED controller can control the brightness of each strip. Plus, you can get a white light by turning all three LED lights to the highest power points. However, the white light produced in that manner will have a slight tint or blue shade.

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How LED Light Strips Work?

Car LED strips are moderately different in their construction than the regular or normal LED strips used in homes or offices. On examination, we notice that their resistors and RGB LEDs are evenly spaced and connected in a parallel line. Each color receives an on/off signal when the LED driver controller is switched on.

The brightness of every LED light depends on how long it stays on. If one color is switched more frequently, it will stand brighter than the rest.

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Choosing The Best LED Light Strip Based on Their Factors

No doubt there are endless variations of LED lights in the market. What qualities do the expensive one has that the cheap one lacks? Which one is best for your vehicle?

Location Where to Install

It’s crucial to figure out where the LED light strip will be installed before deciding which product to use or purchase. As we know, multiple variants of these strips are out there with different sizes and designs, and each one is utilized at specific locations.

That’s why we recommend, before putting your hand down on any product, determine where the strips will be placed back end or front, or inside of the car.


Light strips are available in various lengths. LED lights with low brightness can only be up to 32 feet long, containing 300 lights on. On the other hand, high-brightness strips consist of the same number of modules but are usually short in length round, about 16 feet only.

If a longer one is needed, strip pieces can be connected to obtain the desired length. Ribbon can be cut in smaller sizes to accommodate at smaller places.


Most of the time, light strips feature a flexible small circuit board that will not be damaged if the wire is bent around round shapes. With the advancement in new technology, light strips are also evolving. Nowadays, these strips tend to be more flexible and can bend up to 90-degrees.

Flexibility decreases with the increase in power. Some strips are completely rigid in their design. However, these inflexible products shine bright than regular ones.


Brightness or luminosity is measured in lumens. The question raised here is; how bright my LED light strip should be? Instead of targeting the overall brightness of the product, look for lumens/foot or lumens/meter.

It is very challenging to figure out the lumen level of the light strip. Some manufacturers usually avoid mentioning this respective info. However, average brightness can be found by taking density into account.

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Color and Color Temperature

The color of the strip totally depends on your preference and taste. Some lights are available in a single color, while others have a wide range of selections to choose from.

Color temperature indicates how cool or warm a color appears. A lower number points out that warmer temperatures having high intensity sometimes.

Wrapping Up

The guide to picking an appropriate LED light strip comes to its end now. Apart from these factors, several aspects can powerfully impact your purchase. Like the budget, it should be the first consideration during selection. What will you do if you’ve shortlisted the product after the hours of research and budget would appear as a constraint? You will feel disappointed.

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