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How to Choose LED Light for Bedroom?



As our lives are getting hectic with every passing day, we are focusing more and more on self-care and mental health. From healthy diets to accurate lights, everyone is trying hard to make their lives better in every aspect.

Even though there are still a lot of people who think that lights have zero impact on their lives, it is not the truth. Lights play an essential role in our lives, from brightening up our day early in the morning to lighting up the room in the middle of the night.

Consequently, this leads to the point of how important it is to choose the right light for your bedroom. Since LED lights are the newest invention and by far the best type of light, choosing them for your house is a wiser choice.

LED Light for Bedroom

What Type of LED Light Should Be Selected for Bedroom?

Choosing LED lights for the bedroom might sound like the most straightforward task. However, if you think that, you might be unaware of the impact that a LED light can make on your life, specifically sleep. Therefore, choosing the right LED light for your bedroom is extremely important.

Different types of LED lights can have other impacts on the atmosphere. However, before selecting a LED light for your bedroom, you should determine how you would use the specific room. The three most common types of LED lights used for bedrooms are listed below.

Warm LED Lights

If you are someone who works during the day and comes home to get a good night’s sleep, then you should choose Warm LED Light over any other light. It will create a cozy atmosphere, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

LED Light for Bedroom

Neutral White LED Lights

However, if you use your bedroom as a work or study place, you should opt for a brighter light. Neutral White LED lights are the brightest lights providing a fresher environment in the bedroom. This light is neither too yellowy nor too dim, just the perfect amount of light necessary for a bedroom.

LED Light for Bedroom

Daylight LED Lights

Daylight LED Lights or cooler blue lights are great for every type of environment. These LED lights adjust according to the different atmospheres making you comfortable. The light’s calm blue tone is excellent for sleep as well.

The brightness and shade of LED lights vary with Kelvins. The shade of the lights gets cooler and brighter as the Kelvins increase. LED lights are available in a wide range, going from 2200K-6500K.

LED Light for Bedroom

Benefits of LED Lights for Bedroom

Everything around us is getting more advanced by the day, and LED lights are not an exception. LED lights are the best version of lights ever created, with excellent durability, greater efficiency, and better performance.

Moreover, LED lights are getting better day by day, providing us with a more advanced version each time. Let’s take a look at all the benefits you can get if you start using LED lights in your bedroom instead of other lights.

Lasts longer

Durability is the key feature of LED lights. These lights have proven to last longer than any other light, even with voltage fluctuations. An average LED light can last for up to 5 years.

Better Efficiency

LED lights are better and unique from other lights because they use less energy and provide more light. This is because LED lights are built to save energy by transferring most of it into light rather than heat.

No Emission of Heat

Unlike other lights, LED lights minimize heat emission by converting most of the energy into light. If you have ever used other light bulbs, you might know that those lights get extremely hot even after 10 minutes of working. However, that’s not the case with LED lights.

Requires Low Voltage

LED lights can function perfectly even at low voltage. You will barely recognize any difference in the light because it requires less energy than other bulbs.


Fluorescent lights and various other lights contain mercury, which makes these lights fragile, and once they complete their lifespan, they have to be handled carefully. However, LED light bulbs are eco-friendly and can be easily disposed of.

Great Variety

Unlike other lights, LED lights offer a wide variety of colors. Since lights play an essential role in the atmosphere of your bedroom, it is better to have a preferred color of the LED light.

Do some of the Lights help you to sleep better?

Even though many people assume that light and sleeping have no connection at all, it is not the least bit true. Lights play a crucial role in sleeping, and there are certain types of light that can help you sleep better than others.

According to a study, people who sleep with their preferred light tend to fall asleep faster than people who sleep in white light, non-preferred light, and darkness. However, red-light has proven to be helpful in many cases. It improves the melatonin level, enabling a person to sleep more soundly.

How Much Light is Sufficient for Your Room?

The ultimate question is, How Much Light is Sufficient for Your Room? Many people have asked this question several times. However, the answer to it is not as simple. There are many aspects of a room and lights that one should consider before deciding the amount of light required for a specific room.

As for a typical household of 250 square feet, about 5000 lumens are required. This means you will need about 6 LED light bulbs of 10W to light up your entire house. However, these proportions can vary according to your requirements as well.


Lights play a vital role in our lives, providing us with brightness wherever required. However, selecting the lights for your bedroom can be a tough decision, especially when you have various options to choose from. Remember, you just have to choose the right one according to your preferences and requirements. Lights have the power to alter the atmosphere of a room entirely.

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