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Top 10 Best LED lights for faces – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews



The race to have a prettier face has given rise to so many bizarre solutions around the world. Whether you take the natural route or the artificial ones, a lot of the practices seem pretty weird. But some of them can provide drastic results which are quite praiseworthy. One of the weirder ways to brighten up your faces now is using LED lights for faces. 

The basic principle that plays a role here is UV exposure. This solution has become widely approved with the increasing disapproval of other solutions. These lights give out different colors and exposures to your face. This eventually improves the facial conditions by quite a lot. So which LED light face mask should you get?

It can easily get confusing. That’s why we’ve gathered 10 of the best LED lights for faces in 2020. So let’s dive right in!


Best LED lights for faces


#10. HXDZFX Photon Skin Mask


Let’s start off with this LED light face mask from HXDZFX. This brand has successfully incorporated its high-tech products to improve facial conditions. And this one no different. This mask has a high powered LED light surface that emits lights of different colors.

The 630nm red LED light is proven to cure skin conditions and wrinkles. This light also protects from future irritation.


  • Different colors of various wavelength serve different purposes
  • Great for acne-prone faces
  • the blue LED light heals damages and prepares the skin to fight future irritations
  • The lights also succeed in killing harmful bacteria


#9. Project E Beauty 7 Color LED Photon


Another one from Project E Beauty. So you can guess how reliable this brand must be. This is another variation to the previous mask, and it comes in 7 different colors. You can revamp your skin in no time with this photon LED face mask.

You can easily use this light for all types of skin. But Project E Beauty suggests you consult with a dermatologist before you actually begin to use this.


  • The skin-safe design makes it a reliable choice
  • 7 colors all serve different purposes
  • You can use the mask in different ways
  • The lights produce no heat, and the heat dissipation is also top of the line


#8. Aphrona LED Light for Faces


The third entry on our list is this LED face mask from Aphrona. Although they’re pretty new in the game, they have already made quite a reputation. Their LED therapy is natural and safe for the skin. The wavelengths are natural, and you don’t have to worry about the use of synthetics.

All the different colored lights of the face mask serve other purposes. All love the blue light as it significantly reduces blemishes ad prevents future acne.


  • The combination of lights significantly reduces wrinkles
  • The blue light prevents future irritation
  • The different wavelengths simulate different beneficial gains
  • The lights produce no heat


#7. GYH Wireless LED Face Mask


The name GYH was quite a nice touch. And they do recommend that you consult the dermatologist before using any of their product. The same goes for these 7 colors led face masks. This one is FDA approved, so you don’t have to worry about different toxic substances.


  • The LED diodes don’t generate any heat, so the face stays completely cool
  • You can expect smoother skin after a couple of weeks of use
  • The wireless system makes it useable at any place
  • It proves that it incorporates no toxins with the FDA approval


#6. Ofanyia 7 Colored LED Light for Faces


If you’re looking for a neat LED light face mask on a budget, then this one from Ofanyia is one to take a closer look at. The mask offers just enough to provide drastic results through continuous use. But you do need to wait a bit longer when using this one due to the lower efficiency.

You can kiss your wrinkles goodbye if you use this one consistently. If you use this one for long enough, you can see better results.


  • Improves elasticity of the skin
  • You’ll see pores after a month of use
  • The skin tone gradually balances out
  • Reduces wrinkles and prevents melanin formation


#5. URYOUTH LED Light for Faces


Moving on to the top 5 on our list. This one from UrYouth is nothing like the previous offerings. Unlike the human-mask like shapes of the other mask, this one is truly unconventional. But they work the same way.

But the steep price tag might make you stay away from this one. Don’t get me wrong, the product offers a lot more features, and the price tag is justified. But the additional features seem like gimmicks when compared to the budget options.


  • 7 colors perform different beneficial functions
  • UrYouth guarantees safety while using this on the skin
  • The device is 40% more efficient that its competitors
  • Prevents melanin pigment formation


#4. Houzzi LED Light for Faces


This one looks like an Ironman helmet from the front. But don’t be deceived. This one works just like any other LED face mask, if not better. The different colors provide different types of benefits to the facial skin. EcoFace also uses different wavelengths to penetrate the skin and heal.


  • It’s made from environmentally friendly plastic
  • It has an optimal illumination setting that keeps things stable
  • The Red LED light helps heal the irritation and red spots
  • The blue light reduces the blemishes


#3. Pure Daily Care Skin Tool by Facial


Say goodbye to all your skin related troubles with Facial. They aspire to create the best products and give specific updates according to the customer responses. This face led mask helps reduce wrinkles and helps in the formation of collagen.

You can see different beneficial results by using this one for a couple of months. Your skin will start to heal pretty soon after regular use.


  • Reduces wrinkles in a couple of weeks
  • Facial ensures safety while using this product
  • You can start seeing amazing results in a couple of weeks
  • Reduce melanin pigmentation and prevent future pigmentation too


#2. YourFun Gold Pro LED Mask


This one might look a bit odd at first glance, but you have to give it to YourFun for coming up with a brilliant solution. This LED light face mask is built to last. You can take this anywhere and use it. With a couple of weeks of use, you can say goodbye to blemishes and red spots.


  • Well-built and durable
  • Reduces wrinkles and aids the anti-aging process
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces irritation and prevents blemishes


#1. LightTherapy LED Light Mask by WewBaby


The number one on our list is this robotic looking one from WewBaby. They’ve certainly gone out of their way to make this look like it came straight from the future. Jokes aside, this mask is made out of solid materials, and it’s built to last.

You can use this one to accelerate the metabolic rate of your skin in a couple of weeks too. Use each of the seven colors to your advantage.


  • Each of the seven colors provides different benefits
  • Helps to activate collagen in the skin
  • Accelerates skin metabolism
  • Helps to keep a stable circulation of blood


LED lights for faces Buying Guides


Color Types

The first thing to consider before purchasing an LED light face mask is the type of colors. All the colors have different functions when it comes to facial skin. The additional exposure plays a huge part in this too. Consult a physician and find out which type of color is suited for your face before actually buying a light.


Another thing to keep in mind before purchasing an LED light for your face is efficiency. All the different lights on the list have different efficiency levels. So you need to get one that suits your budget and does the job well. The less efficient choices will get the job done, but they’ll take a longer time to show results. But you might need to dish out a bit more cash if you want faster results.


The LED light face masks are quite different from regular face masks. It would help if you got used to the weird feeling in a couple of weeks. But if you’re going to have problems while trying to get it set on your face, you should have probably gone for a different option.




LED lights for faces have been growing in popularity for quite some time now. All of the lights on this list are easy to use and are quite efficient. You need to pick out the one that suits your needs and budget too. You can choose the cheaper ones while compromising a little efficiency too. But you won’t be disappointed with any one of these.


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