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How to Select an Appropriate Light Bulb for Refrigerator?



Light bulbs are an essential component of any appliance. When the light goes out or the bulb fuses, it’s crucial to purchase a new one with the proper fitting and power. You are not supposed to use any lightning gadget to save your time or money.

There is a huge difference between the regular bulb and the one you are intended to utilize in your cool bank. Appliances bulbs are constructed especially to withstand heat and induced with the rugged filament to endure vibrations when the door is opened or closed.

Make sure your new purchase has precisely the exact specifications like the previous one. So, how will you figure out which bulb is best for your fridge and can serve the purpose? Here is a step-by-step guide for a hassle-free purchase.

Difference Between Regular and Refrigerator Light Bulb

Each bulb is made for a specific purpose. It would be best to use the correct one in the right place in an inappropriate manner.

Bulbs that prove cooperative and efficient in performance even in harsh temperatures are considered appliance or refrigerator bulbs.

On the other hand, regular bulbs emit light when connecting with the electricity source. However, they are not practical to use in high temperatures for high-end purposes.

One of the significant differences between them is that the fridge bulb consumes less energy than the normal one. Standard or common light bulbs in homes are of 60 watts. In contrast, an appliance bulb utilizes 40 watts only.

Another critical point that should be kept in notice when deciding is refrigerator lamp shares a similar base to regular bulbs. Don’t get confused and be conscious during selection.

Steps to Replace a Refrigerator Light Bulb

Is it possible to replace a light on your own? Well, absolutely yes. Keep adequate precautions in your mind to remain on the safer side.

Plus, look at the user manual before commencing an actual task. All the mandatory information regarding the bulb is surely mentioned there.

Follow these steps to get done with the bulb replacement:

Step 1: Disconnect the Electricity Supply

Make sure that the electricity supply is cut down or the appliance is switched off.

Step 2: Remove the Light Shield

Some models contain lamp shields or covers. Before pulling the light lamp out, take off the cover. It might have a screw for protection purposes. With the help of a screwdriver, eliminate that shield.

Step 3: Replace Faulty Bulb

It’s time to swap your old bulb with the new one. Unscrew the faulty bulb and insert the fresh one in its place. Connect the refrigerator with the light source. Here you go!

How to Find the Right Bulb For Your Refrigerator?

Like other advancements in the various industries, the light bulb has also switched to new better technology. Today’s bulbs are more energy-efficient and reliable.

This guide will aid you in choosing a bulb based on your requirements.

Types of Bulbs

The market is flooded with various types of light bulbs. Mainly three of them are the most common.

  1. Halogen Bulbs
  2. CFL & Fluorescent Tubes
  3. LED Lights

To determine which one suits you, keep reading.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are similar to the traditional incandescent ones because of the inclusion of tungsten filament. They are expensive and slightly differ in terms of the energy they use. Plus, the expected life spans of these bulbs are almost two years.

Jslinter 40 watt Appliance Oven Light Bulb – High Temp – 120v Clear – 415 Lumens – Medium Brass Base – G45 4-Pack

  • ✪ Specification – US Standard G45 110v / 120v / 130v/40 Watt / 415 Lumens / 300 °C High Temp
  • ✪ Excellent Heat Dissipation
  • ✪ Appliance Short Light Bulb
  • ✪ Pack of 4 Glass Bulbs .Each bulb size: (2.76inch X 1.77inch)
  • ✪ Rated at 1500 hours, resists up to 570 degrees Fahrenheit (300 °C) high temp.

CFL & Fluorescent Tubes

CFL bulbs are cheap and commonly contain a spiral-viral-shaped structure. They consume less electricity and emit a bright and soft glow.

Philips 416289 Clear Appliance 25-Watt T6-1/2 Intermediate Base Light Bulb

  • This T7 1/2 25-watt appliance bulb’s sturdy design is specially made to withstand heat.
  • Versatile for multiple applications
  • Features an Intermediate base.
  • Philips reuses as much glass and packaging material as possible, reducing environmental impact.
  • This product ships as a single bulb.

LED Bulbs

The most energy-efficient and eco-friendly bulb we have ever seen. Much more expensive but last longer, up to 25. In the long run, it’s considerably an excellent option.

Appropriate Fitting and Correct Size

The most frustrating mistake users commonly encounter choosing an inappropriate fitting or cap with the incorrect size. Due to which, their bulb doesn’t sit perfectly and eventually doesn’t light up at all.

For the user’s guide, caps and bases have assigned letters and numbers. The letter denotes the type, and the number indicates their size in diameter. Choose accordingly.

LED Microwave Light Bulb Over Stove Appliance Replacement 40W Incandescent for Refrigerator, Range Hood E17 Intermediate Base 3W 360lm dimmable Warmwhite 3000K Pack of 2

  • E17 intermediate screw base led light bulb used for microwave light bulb
  • LED Microwave light bulb 3W 360lm equivalent 40W 350lm incandescent bulb
  • LED as light source, 15,000h lifetime 10 times longer than incandescent 1000h lifetime
  • Widly used as an replacement bulb for most microwave bulb
  • That LED Bulb working temperature range -4℉~130℉, that bulb CAN NOT be used IN ovens

Brightness of Lamp

You must question yourself how much bright light do you need? Typically, power is measured in watts. With the newly emerging concept and demand for energy-efficient devices, power is now noted in lumens – a more precise unit for LED and other energy consuming and light-emitting devices.

The more the lumen is, the brighter light you will receive.

Using LED Bulb for Refrigerator

If your previous gadget is blown out, it’s an opportunity for you to replace your defective lamp with the new and advanced LED bulbs. Their life span is longer and proves money-saving in long time use. Best to consume anywhere in your house. But are they great to light up a refrigerator?

LED bulbs are not temperature efficient. Still, they can stand with a temperature of 40 degrees at least. For a worthy purchase, look for the other versions of LED lamps.

Oven Light Bulb 40 Watt Appliance Bulb, G45 Clear – High Temp 120V 415 Lumens E26 Standard Base, Appliance Light Bulb for Oven Stove Refrigerator Microwave 4-Pack

  • Pack of 4 oven light bulb. Each bulb size: (2.72inch X 1.77inch), US standard G45 E26 base, 110V-130V, 40 watt, 415 lumens.
  • If you are Not completely satisfied with this appliance light bulb, please feel free to contact us and we will help you solve it within 12 hours.

Does the Coldness of the Refrigerator Damage the LED Bulb?

One of the main advantages of putting LED bulbs in the refrigerator is they deliver exceptional performance when placed in the cold. Cold can never affect the lumen output. In fact, it gets improved. For traditional bulbs, it’s hard to perform effectively in coldness. But that’s not the condition with LEDs. Which means low temperature proves a blessing for them.

Another point that should be noticed here is these bulbs emit less heat as compared the old incandescent light bulbs. So, it will not make your fridge warmer and keep it cool as possible.

Who doesn’t like to have a bright light in their refrigerator? As it will help them to look clearly when everything gets dark at night. LED lamps are exceptionally bright and distribute light more evenly.


It’s time to wrap up our discussion. We have incorporated all the mandatory points that should be kept in notice during a purchase. Plus, don’t rush to buy without having awareness about the technicalities of light lamps operated in the fridge.

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