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Picture Frame lights: A Guide for Hassle-Free Purchase&Install



You have invested in a treasured piece of art and now looking for ways to illuminate the painting to make it more prominent? Well, picture frame lighting can only get your problem solved.

Lighting frames are not confined to galleries or museums only. In fact, it’s a fantastic way to bring some dramatic sense to your room by making your art more aesthetic through the external spotlight.

So what does picture frame lighting actually mean? An innovative and professional way to lighten your artwork is to turn it into a focal point through a frame containing a bright light. These frames are also used in libraries for similar purposes.

So, how to choose a perfect picture frame light? Is there any benefit? Incorporate some basic guidelines to make your purchase worthy.

Benefits of Picture Frame Lighting

Whether you purchase a painting or create it yourself, it deserves recognition. You have already devoted enough space for it. But your artwork demands attention – that’s where picture light steps in. Here we are mentioning some incredible benefits that lightning can provide.

1) Creates An Elegant Appearance

What happens when you purchase an aesthetic illustration or art to hang on your wall to enhance its appearance? But due to no lighting, nobody bothers to notice it. Your efforts seem meaningless then. If painted with oil paints, it’ll be almost impossible for anybody to see its clarity in dim light.

In that case, you must hang a light directly on the fixture. It adds value to your artwork and makes your investment worthwhile. Furthermore, it will bring out the beauty and minor details you probably cannot see otherwise.

Thousands of frame lights are out there. Which one is perfect for your art piece depends upon the painting technique utilized.

2) Makes A Picture Look Brighter

There is no visible competition between the artwork and the lightning duo. How is it possible even? A picture light is not designed to compete with the art piece. Lightening is an assistance to get the picture observed.

Have you ever visited a museum or art gallery? A hall where they display their paintings and artworks is always illuminated with bright lights. They do this to catch visitors’ attention to their art pieces.

In the same way, when you hang out any painting on the wall of your house, it demands spot lightening to receive appreciation.

What Size of Picture Light Do I Need?

Get ready to add a little drama and glare to the atmosphere of your room through frame lighting. A picture light can be used on mirrors to highlight other objects in your room. But they are not a good option for washroom mirrors.

No science exists to choose a perfect pick, but you can have a suitable purchase with a couple of experiments and tips listed below.

For Landscape: A picture light should be 1/2 to 1/3 the actual size of the painting. The frame is excluded.

For Portrait: It should be 1/2 the width of the picture. The frame is not included.

BIGLIGHT Wireless Battery Operated LED Picture Light with Remote, 13 Inches Rotatable Light Head with 3 Lighting Modes, Dimmable Display Lamp with Timer for Painting Picture Frame Portrait Art, Black

  • Lighting Direction Adjustable – The picture light’s arm and light tube (13 inches) can be rotated 180°to adjust the lighting direction to your desired position.
  • Brightness Dimmable – Press 50% or 100% directly, or press the “+” or “-” button to adjust the brightness level of the painting light as you wish.
  • Optional Auto OFF Timer – Press the timer button on the remote to set the art light to turn OFF automatically in 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes.
  • 3 Lighting Modes & Battery Powered – Operated with 3pcs AA batteries (not included). Each mirror light has 12pcs super bright LED, 100 Lumens, 3 Lighting Modes for your choice (3000K warm white, 4300K natural white, 8000K cool white).
  • Easy Installation & Multipurpose – Very easy to mount with provided screws. Good choice for lighting up your paintings, artworks, pictures, mirror, dart board, photos, etc.

While picking up a picture light, a general rule is to position a picture at eye level – precisely 5′ from the bottom. Now, fix the frame light at the center directly over the artwork.

How to Install Picture Lighting?

Picture lighting is not as hard as you think. Without the need for an expert, it can be done efficiently.

Wall Mounting

These picture lights are installed above your artwork to illuminate each area efficiently. It will add a professional touch to your painting.

LED Picture Light Fixtures 16.54 Inches, Modern Metal Artwork Wall Lamps with Single Swing Arm, 9W (50W Eqv.), Hardwire Connection, Non-Dimmable, 3000K Warm White, CRI80+, Golden-Like Brass Finish

  • * Attractive Design: The led wall light is with slim and classic appearance with single swing arm; Enhance the looks of your decorative pictures with its 3000K warm white.
  • * Measurement:16.54 inches long, distance from the wall:7.87 inches. Non-dimmable & un-replaceable light source. No plug on the fixture itself and no battery operated, just connect to the reserved wire directly.
  • * Versatile Lighting: 90° swivel light head allows you to swing it upward or downward wherever you need the light focus to be; 120° beam angle always light up a large area around your artwork drawings.
  • * Premium Quality: Full metal construction for outstanding durability bathroom lights over mirror;Reliable quality and safe usage. Low heat emission best preserves your artwork throughout its long service life
  • * Better Lighting Effect: 9W(50W Eqv.) brightness produces the perfect amount of lighting for your wall photos pictures. High CRI80+ and Mini Accent Spotlights lighting distribution make your beloved painting, poster, tapestry, diplomas a focal point

Frame Mounting

On the other hand, you can attach these lights to the back of the frame, allowing you to move your artwork and light together.

Situ Lighting: Plug-in Vision Series Remote Controlled LED Art and Picture Light USA Made (Black – 3000K, 30″ Standard (Artwork up to 54″W x 40″T))

  • Compact Plug-in LED Picture Light For Various Sizes of Artwork (See Above) | This is NOT a Wireless Product | For Wireless Products See Our Rechargeable Touch Series and Rechargeable Micro Series | Discreet, Slim Bar Style Design | Available In Brushed Brass, Antique Bronze, Black, or Silver | Available in 2,700K or 3,000K (recommended) | Designed and Made in America
  • Additional Models Available for Taller and Wider Artwork | The Only Bar Style Art Light Available to Light Artwork up to 60″ Tall
  • Included Remote Control (Programmable To Multiple Lights) Offers 50+ Brightness Settings Of Color-Accurate (93 – 95+ CRI) LED Light | Remote Control Features 3, 6, and 9 Hour Timer Settings for Convenience | Mounts to Wall or Artwork | Includes: All Mounting Hardware, White Power Supply with Up To 11’ of Wire | Additional Wire Lengths Available Upon Request | Black Power Supply Available Upon Request
  • Included Mounting Template Makes Installation a Breeze | UV Safe | Virtually No Heat Transmittal | Use Recessed Outlet Mounting Box Like the Arlington DVFR1W-1 for Outlet Installation Behind Artwork (not required). Not Compatible with Legacy “Clock Box” Style Recessed Outlets | See Our Plug-in Micro Series Art Light for “Clock Box” Compatibility
  • Made in Sarasota, Florida by Art Lighting Specialists | Many Other Models Available

Steps to Install Picture Lighting

  1. Turn off the electricity supply from the mainboard. Ensure that breaker is switched off before commencing an installation process.
  2. Before fixing, roughly check where the light will seem reasonable or at what distance it looks good.
  3. Remove the bracket, and place it on the wall to mark its wholes with a lid pencil.
  4. Secure it with the anchors and screws.
  5. Now, mount the picture light on the bracket by readjusting and fastening the screws back.
  6. Switch on the electricity supply and check if the light is functioning fine.

Tips for Choosing the Picture Light

A right purchase might be tricky. Keep these tips in your mind to make your selection hassle-free.

Types of Light

Mainly three types of bulbs are used. The classification depends on the energy they consume and the heat they produce.

LED Lights: These lights do not emit UV rays and are energy-efficient—minimal heat exhibition with the ability to function longer.

Fluorescent Bulbs: Required linear thin light source. Best for dull art pieces as these bulbs are pretty bright.

Halogen Bulbs: It can illuminate a wide range of colors in a picture. Plus, these bulbs have a very short lifetime and are inefficient.

Right Frame Selection

If you are going for a wall-mounting light source, choose thinner or no frames. For better results, purchase substantial frames according to your need.

Choose Decorative Accessories to Enhance the Look

Embellish your pictures with these exciting ideas:

Paint the Picture Frame

  1. Tape the areas of the picture that you don’t want to paint.
  2. Pick a color paint of your choice and color its sides consciously.

Use Embellishments

  1. Choose a design that looks fine with the theme of the painting.
  2. Attach the decorative objects with the help of glue around the edges.

Final Thoughts

Decorate your homes with the frame lights for some theatrical melodrama. Not all lights are eco-friendly. Some can detriment the atmosphere by emitting excessive heat. That’s why it’s always wiser to conduct some research before purchasing to remain on the safe side.

We have incorporated everything regarding frame lights that a person needs to know.

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