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Top 10 Best Bathroom LED Vanity Lights – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews



Perhaps you have installed lighting lamps for your bathroom. But, the mirrors of the bathroom cabinets are installed on the wall, and the lighting lamps are installed in the middle of the roof. so, when you stand in front of the mirror, your back is facing the lamp. Then your face will look very dull and unclear, which will have a great impact on facial cleansing. Now, you need a bathroom vanity light, because it will make your face very clear. In summary, when installing a bathroom mirror, you should install a vanity light.


Besides, there are many different styles of vanity lights. These styles will upgrade your bathroom space. Here are some of the best bathroom LED vanity lights, you can choose to buy one.


Best Bathroom LED Vanity Lights


#10. SOLFART 4 Lights Modern Crystal Glass Stainless Steel LED Vanity Wall Light


The SOLFART bathroom vanity light is made of 304 stainless steel. The simple and luxurious design highlights your taste. And increases the modernity of your room. It is easy to install and there are no switches or wires on the lights. Connected to the spare wire, it is suitable for US junction box standards.

Furthermore, the IP44 rating meets the needs of wet bathroom environments. Although only 16W, it is brighter than ordinary 80W bulbs. It is suitable for 44-55 inches wide bathroom mirrors. Brightness is adjustable, but, it is worth noting that this lamp does not include a dimmer.


  • Crystal glass modern design
  • Suitable for mirrors about 44-55 inch wide 
  • IP44 waterproof and dustproof capacity
  • No switch or cord on the light
  • Even only 16W, but it offers brightness more than ordinary 80W bulbs.


#9. Mirrea Dimmable Modern LED Vanity Light for Bathroom


When you disappointed by the LED vanity lights not bright enough, or the dimmer switch cannot dim, please consider this light. You can use it as the only light source in a small bathroom, which is equal to a 4-light vanity light. with frost acrylic cover, it can activate instantly without dazzling and glare.

Furthermore, you can easily use it with the dimmer switch of the traditional bulb. It is compatible with the traditional TRIAC dimmer switch. Comply with US electric code, 2 years lifetime warranty.


  • 24inch and 1680lm
  • Adjustable light direction
  • Dimmable with traditional TRIAC dimmer switches
  • Instant-on, NO dazzling, NO glare
  • US electric code, 2 years lifetime warranty


#8. OOWOLF 3 Round Acrylic Stainless Steel LED Bathroom Vanity Lights


Turn your bathroom into a luxurious, spa-like retreat with this stylish vanity lamp. Made of metal and aluminum, it has a frosted glass acrylic shade that adds depth to the design.

The vanity light is composed of 3 round LED lights, and the rotating beam angle can reach up to 180 degrees. You can adjust the light angle according to your preferences.

It is ideal for bathrooms and master suits because of the IP40 rating. This vanity light can be easily installed with a hook arm. Also, you can directly connect it to the power source because it has a UL certificate integrated driver.


  • 3 round LED lights which can adjust 180 degrees as your wish
  • Premium quality LED chips
  • Adjustable light direction
  • 20,000 hours lifespan
  • Contemporary style


#7. Lithonia Brushed Nickel Contemporary Cylinder LED Vanity Light


Equipped with high-quality materials, this LED vanity light has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours or 23 years. Replacing your light bulb is now a thing of the past. There are no disturbing flickers, no insufficient lighting. It is very durable to provide safety and environmental benefits.

The mounting plate is compatible with most 4″ octagonal, round and square or 2″ x 4″ junction boxes. This clamp can be installed vertically and horizontally. The backplate can also be removed, thus you can easily install it in your bathroom.

Besides, Lithonia vanity lamp is ADA compliant. Which is a must for hospitality applications. Title 24 compliant with California. Energy Star certification and UL listed in the US and Canada for Damp locations. It is ideal for applications in residential, commercial, hospitality, university, etc.


  • lifespan up to 50,000 hours
  • No disturbing flickers, no insufficient lighting
  • Install easily
  • ENERGY STAR Certified AND UL listed in the US and Canada for Damp locations
  •  limited 5-year warranty


#6. Aipsun 41 Inches Crystal Long LED Vanity Lights


If you expand the bathroom or move to a new house with a larger bathroom, you can take a look at this bathroom lamp. It is 41 inches long and can be installed above a 1-meter bathroom mirror.

It has 6 lights. Stainless steel frame, and crystal lampshade. The noble and fashionable design brings more brilliance to your life.

Besides, it uses the IC card constant current drive. Short circuit protection design, and the intelligent control circuit. This ensures the safety of use.


  • Simple and luxurious design
  • 41 inches long can cover your long bathroom vanity
  • lifespan up to 50,000hours
  • Safety by using IC card constant current driver
  • 6 lights, 2340 lm output


#5. Combuh Comfortable Anti-fog LED Bathroom Vanity Light


This is a comfortable bathroom LED dressing table lamp. Built-in high-quality LEDs, it emitted a soft mirror light, which can protect your eyes. In fact, the body of the LED mirror light can resist the fog and water vapor in the bathroom, which making it very safe.

Additionally, it uses a stainless steel base and acrylic material. So is more durable and does not rust. Multifunctional design, suitable for toilet, bathroom, bedroom, mirror cabinet, and other applications. Besides, you can also use it for dressing and makeup purposes, making it a very valuable LED bathroom makeup light.


  • Wide application
  • Bright but soft light
  • Anti-fog design
  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly


#4. ZUZITO 30 inch LED Bathroom Crystal Vanity Light


This ZUZITO LED vanity lamp is one of the best crystal bathroom products that you need to buy in the market. The whole lamp is wrapped in crystal, which is extra bright, adding extra luster to your room and life. It is 30 inches long, 4.3 inches high at the base. With a modern minimalist ultra-thin design, it can fit in a small space.

Besides, because it has no wires and switches, the product is easy to install. It is widely used in bathrooms, cabinets, kitchens, decoration, or simple wall lighting. Especially suitable for dressing rooms and dressing rooms.


  • Crystal design
  • Minimalist ultra-thin design
  • Energy saving
  • Wide application
  • Easy to installation


#3. Letsun Wall Mounted Plug-in Bathroom LED Vanity Light


Buy this best LED makeup light for the bathroom because you need it. Equipped with mirror stainless steel fixtures, it adds a modern feel to your bathroom. The stainless steel chrome line design matches more situations. Such as bathrooms, bedrooms, corridors, study rooms, stairs, workplaces, restaurants, etc.

With 180 ° rotating design of the arm, you can adjust the angle as you like. The important thing is that the 15.7-inch length of the ON/OFF plug is very convenient for you to install and use.


  • Wall Mounted
  • Plug in for easy installation
  • 180 ° rotating as you like
  • Simply stainless steel chrome line design


#2. BRIVOLART 24 Inch 14W Cool White LED Bathroom Light


When you makeup, shave or read, this lamp can give you a perfect spotlight. Because it uses a high light transmittance acrylic shell. Besides, the stainless steel body with acrylic plating surface, which makes it durable, safe, and easy to clean.

Its service life can reach 50,000 hours. This means that it will serve you as long as possible. Although it is only 14W, it provides more brightness than ordinary 80W bulbs. In the long run, these will save you a lot of money. Furthermore, these bathroom lamps are suitable for American junction box standards. Simple installation by connecting to the spare wire.


  • Energy saving
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Effortless installation
  • High transmittance with acrylic cover


#1. Aipsun 24 inch Adjustable Modern LED Vanity Lights


This is the best bathroom LED vanity lamp with an energy-saving design. Compared with traditional light bulbs, it saves 80% of the electricity. The service life is up to 50,000 hours. Ideally, it can serve you for a long time. Short circuit protection design, stable current, which makes it very safe. Besides, it has an instant start function with no glare.

It is worth mentioning that this product has a 180° rotatable joint and a telescopic rod. You can adjust the distance from the light to the wall, and you can also adjust the angle to match all cabinets and thickness mirrors. It comes with a dustproof design and IP44 water resistance to improve its durability while in the bathroom.


  • High quality LED chips
  • Adjustable dual arms
  • Adjustable light direction
  • IP44 water resistance
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Short circuit protection design


Bathroom LED Vanity Lights Buying Guides


CRI and Color temperature

High CRI lamps can show the color of the object better. So when choosing bathroom lights, high CRI is necessary, 90 + is the first choice. Please make sure your choice has a CRI of at least 90. This provides excellent color rendering for bathroom settings.

For the color temperature, try to choose lamps with both cold and warm color temperatures. Many people find warm color temperatures more pleasing than cool ones, because they are similar to the incandescent lights most people have become used to. But it depends on your own preferences.

Installation angle

What angle should my light be installed at? It depends on the width and thickness of the bathroom mirror. You can choose some lamps with their own rotation adjustment and telescopic adjustment.

Energy-saving and service life

LED lamps are a good energy-saving option. It can be used for a long time. Many LED bathroom bars and LED vanity lamps are dimmable. Compared with traditional incandescent lamps and halogen lamps, LED lamps have a longer life. They are also more energy-efficient.


For your bathroom area, you definitely need waterproof lighting. If the lamps are not waterproof, there will be safety hazards. Long-term in a wet environment, non-waterproof lamps are more likely to be damaged. Generally speaking, waterproof surface treatment is a better choice for bathroom lamps.




The bathroom is a place to relax and rejuvenate you. A quality lighting for your bathroom helps make it your own private sanctuary. The ten recommended LED bathroom vanity lights listed here can meet all your needs. Please choose one to order.


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