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Top 10 Best LED Under Cabinet Lights – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews



When it comes to the kitchen, it involves many of our activities and tasks. Such as storing, preparing, and cooking food. Even if there is enough light coming down from the ceiling. Usually, you will find that the color of the area is darker than you want.


This is the benefit you should consider to buy modern cabinet lighting. It provides functional lighting for cutting vegetables or mixing pans. Also, it defines a unique style and feels of your kitchen space.

In this article, you will learn how to buy under cabinet lights for your kitchen. There are many good choices. We have compared various types of cabinet lamps. And we have made many useful suggestions for you to find the best cabinet lamps.


Best LED Under Cabinet Lights

#10. Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Under Cabinet Light with Remote for Kitchen


This wireless LED under cabinet light emits a 3000K white light to brighten up your cabinet. Built-in lighting uses 3 AA batteries (including 18 AA batteries), and the running time is 100 hours.

The remote control can control 12 puck lights. You can use it to dim the cabinet lights, set timers, or turn on/off wireless lights 15 feet away. Set 50% or 100% brightness with a preset dimming button or use-or + button to select the exact brightness level and improve the comfort of your home.


  • The LEDs never need to be replaced
  • Select your desired level of brightness with the wireless remote
  • The optional timer in 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes to conserve battery life
  • Built-in lighting uses 3 AA batteries
  • Control up to 12 puck lights with one remote. 


#9. AIBOO Linkable 12V Dimmable LED Under Cabinet for Furniture Cupboard Lighting


AIBOO cabinet light has a linkable connection design. It provides simple wiring management, you can connect the puck lights one by one.

Besides, there are two installation methods options. You can choose hardwire or the wall plug, the installation is convenient and flexible.

Moreover, the number of puck lights can be increased according to your needs. The built-in RF remote control can also control different light groups. You can dim from 0% to 100%. It can also have a blinking mode for a holiday or party celebration.


  • Linkable connection design
  • 2-Way installations, easy to install
  • 2.3 * 0.3 inch thin & flat puck light
  • RF remote control making the dimming function from 0% to 100%
  • Blinking mode for holiday or party celebration. 


#8. Otinlai USB Rechargeable LED Under Cabinet Lights Stick-on Anywhere


Otinlai motion sensor cabinet light has three patents, so the quality is guaranteed. In the “g” mode, it will automatically turn on within 10 feet (when the light sensor detects darkness). If detecting no motion, it will automatically turn off after about 20 seconds.

Built-in magnets, cabinet lights absorb all iron surfaces. 3M double-sided tape and iron sheet can also be used on any non-ferrous surface. If you need to recharge or change places, you can take off it at any time.

Also, this lamp is equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery and a USB interface. Compared with traditional disposable dry batteries, It is efficient and eco-friendly.


  • Quality is guaranteed
  • Motion Sensing/On/Off 3 Mode
  • Energy Saving, Rechargeable
  • Stick on Anywhere and take off at any time
  • Under Cabinet Lighting, Led Cabinet Lighting, Led Closet Lighting, Motion Sensor Lights, Rechargeable Led Light, Sensor Night Light, Wardrobe Lights, Stick-on Lights, USB Light, Stairs Lights, Basement Lights, Attic Lights, etc. 


#7. Wobane DIY Under Cabinet Strip Lights Kit, UL Listed


This Wobane LED under cabinet light has a UL-certified adapter and light strip. The working voltage of the LED light is DC12V, which is low voltage and heat.

With all accessories included, the installation is very convenient. Fixing with 3M tape on the back, no tools are required. You can upgrade the lighting space by yourself in a few minutes. Such as cabinets, closets, desks, bookshelves, wardrobes, bedrooms, workbenches, and other areas.


  • Affordable price
  • UL-certified adapter and light strip
  • Low voltage and heat
  • The installation is very convenient


#6. EShine 20 Inch Panel Touchless Dimmable Control Under Cabinet Lighting


With a 20-inch single panel, this under cabinet light weighs very light, so it is easy to install. Meanwhile, it is sturdy and durable, available in warm white (3000K) and cool white (6000K).

No need to touch, the sensitive infrared sensor switches the light on/off through a simple handwave. No need a remote control, put your hand under the sensor to adjust the brightness of the light. You can easily control it while you are cooking.


  • Weighs very light
  • Sturdy and durable
  • No need to touch
  • No need a remote control


#5. TORCHSTAR 45 degrees Mounted LED Under Cabinet Light Strips


If you are looking for an LED cabinet light with a 45-degree illumination angle, this one is the right choice. Installing in a corner, the 45-degree light can illuminate the entire cabinet.

Extra light poles can be added to fit large cabinets or counters with included extra extension cables. The rocker switch ensures full control of the light. 30,000 hours of service life, 3 years satisfaction warranty. A small investment can make a huge difference.


  • 45-degree illumination angle
  • Included additional extension cables
  • 30,000 hours of service life
  • 3 years satisfaction warranty


#4. Phonar 36” Super Long LED Under Cabinet Lighting 4000K


If you have an ultra-long size LED cabinet light, it will save a lot of installation and connection time. And there will not be too many cables. You need to buy this Phonar LED under cabinet light. You can choose 12 inches, 24 inches, 36inches, and 48 inches cabinet lights which are much longer than similar products on the market. Thus you can save more wiring time.

Including a 12V adapter, this cabinet light is very easy to install. Use two screws or double-sided adhesive strips to install the LED under the cabinet lighting fixture. Then plug in the power, turn on and you can start!


  •  12 inches, 24 inches, The 36-inch, and 48-inch option
  • Built-in touch sensor
  • Quick and simple installation, by screw or sticker.


#3. UltraPro Slim design LED Under Cabinet Lighting with Flat Plug


This is a slim design LED cabinet light with a thickness of only 0.23 inches (0.58cm). So it can be hidden under the cabinet without being found. Besides, the edge of the light has a sleek design which adds a modern visual appeal. With a functional flat plug and 5 feet power cord, it is easily connected to a remote socket.

Furthermore, it has two installation methods, end-to-end direct connection or connection with cable. Moreover, these two installation methods include accessories. You can choose according to your needs.


  • Slim design
  • Two installation methods
  • Sleek design of the edge of the light
  • 2040 lumens of excellent illumination


#2. LightBiz 18-LED Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Closet Light


This light contains 18 super-bright LEDs and an advanced anti-glare panel. It protects your eyes while lighting the dark space. Besides, this LED cabinet light detects human movement in the dark or during the day. It turns on automatically within 10 feet (3 meters). And turns off automatically after about 20 seconds if no movement is detected.

Furthermore, it has two dimming methods. 1: Three-level dimming (you only need to press the A button, you can adjust LOW-MEDIUM-BRIGHT, the default is medium). 2: Stepless dimming (you need to long-press the A button, it can adjust from 0 %-100%).

It has four cycle modes to choose from. MODE 1: Motion & Light Sensor Mode (Greenlight flash 1s). MODE 2: Only Motion Sensor Mode (Blue light flash 1s). MODE 3: Always On Mode ( Red light flash 1s. MODE 4: OFF. Finally, the built-in 600mAh USB battery can be charged through any USB port. Such as plug, power bank or laptop.


  • Advanced anti-glare panel, which protects your eyes
  • Built-in motion & night sensor
  • Three-level dimming and stepless dimming
  • It has four cycle modes to choose from
  • 600mAh USB battery can be charged through any USB port


#1. Lightkiwi Modular Expandable Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting


Lightkiwi LED under cabinet lighting kit improves the appearance of objects. It makes the colors look clear, vivid, and distinguishable. This is a professional exterior cabinet lighting system. It provides the right lighting for the workbench without too much glare.

The modular kit can expand the configuration by using a power supply with higher wattage. The lighting panel is designed to expand without overburdening the product.

Furthermore, this lamp has UL-listed and RoHS qualified, it meets T24 Requirements. 3 years warranty, reduce the number of reinstallations. and the life span exceeds 35,000 hours.


  • Premium light quality, great color
  • Beautifully crafted aluminum body
  • Dimmer switch
  • UL listed
  • Modular design, connect seamlessly


LED Under Cabinet Lights Buying Guides


Available Space

When you buy LED under cabinet lights, the first thing you need to consider is the space under the cabinet. Measure the space to ensure that the cabinet light will disappear in the recess or hidden under the cabinet. If it is a long space, you need to choose a long linkable cabinet light.

Work Surface

The second point is that you need to check whether your work surface is smooth or frosted. If it is a smooth surface, you need to choose those lamps with a diffuser to reduce glare. Because the high glare will damage your eyes.

Power options

Many cabinet lights are equipped with a variety of power options, plugs. Thus you need to choose according to your installation environment.

Brightness and color temperature

In order to illuminate your cabinet, you need to consider the brightness of the LED cabinet light. For the same wattage, choose a lamp with a higher lumen output. The color temperature is 2700K, 4000K, and 6000K. Which is related to the atmosphere that you want to create.

Dimming and motion sensor

The advantage of lighting with dimming and motion sensors is energy-save. When you do not need bright lights, dimming it can save some energy. When you leave the cabinet, it can automatically turn off. These configurations give you more flexibility to perform various tasks in this space.


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