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Top 10 Best Light Box Photography – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews




Suppose you’re starting a business with a lower budget. In that case, it might not be too feasible for you to invest in a professional shoot for your products, especially when you consider how expensive photography gigs are. They’re certainly not worthy of it when you have a lower budget.

So what do you do? You’re probably taking your product photos with your smartphone. Smartphone cameras are getting quite impressive nowadays. And you can do some magical things with post-processing. But there’s always the lack of a special touch when you don’t have the perfect setting.

That’s where lightboxes come into play. You can use them to take professional quality product photos by using just your smartphone camera. Just place the product inside the box, turn the lights on and shoot! There are many options to choose from, so we’re going to try and help you out with our list of the top 10 best light box photography in 2022.


Best Light Box Photography


#10. Konseen Professional Dimmable Photo Box


Let’s start the list with this incredible photo box from Konseen. You might not have heard about them before, but they’re pretty good at what they do. The whole package comes with several other goodies to help make your product shoots more interesting.

The box can be used as a dimmable studio for your products. As the entire mechanism is pretty big, you can easily fit multiple products in it. You can even fit in more significant products, which you couldn’t have done with smaller boxes.

Assembly is a breeze, and you probably don’t even have to check the manual. If you’re concerned about portability, then rest assured, as this one is relatively light in weight too. The sturdy box can be put together in 5 minutes, and you can start shooting right away.


  • 2 LED beads strips with up to 96 LEDs
  • Can reach up to 5500k in terms of color temperature
  • It has a dimmer switch to control the brightness easily
  • You can manually adjust the light intensity too
  • Lightweight but quite durable


#9. Andoer Professional Studio Shooting Tent Kit


Next up is this classy looking shooting tent from Andoer. This is another new brand trying to make a name for itself. And if they keep whipping up products like this one, they can do that quite quickly. The LED light beads used in this one are high quality, and you can expect them to last for a while.

The entire setup can reach over 5500k in terms of color temperature. You can easily adjust it too, so if you want a warmer light to shine on your product, you can do that quite easily. The shooting tent has been built so that you can shoot your product from different angles.

This shooting tent is comparatively smaller in size. But you can get most of your product shoots done in this one.


  • Even lighting throughout the tent
  • 126 pieces of bright LED beads in two strips
  • Five color PVC backdrops included
  • Lights can be distributed to every corner
  • Perfect for shooting small objects


#8. Fositan Photo Light Box


If you’re willing to do shoots of larger products, but you can’t seem to find a tent of that caliber, your wait is over. Fositan has proudly brought in their big photo tent. It’s one of the only size 40 shooting tens on the market, and it dominates the others quite well.

The box is perfect for shooting shoes, glasses, bags, cosmetics, and jewelry. The inside of the studio is lined with reflective fabric. You can observe a total of 86 LED beads, and they are evenly distributed across the entire surface.


  • Supports vertical and horizontal shooting
  • Perfect for larger objects
  • Customized dimmers can adjust the setting you choose
  • The 84 high power LEDs will serve you for years to come


#7. ComXin Portable Foldable LED Lighting Kit


Next in line is this unique photography shooting kit from ComXin. They aren’t quite famous, but their products have pretty high ratings. This is one of the best-built photo booths on the list. The aluminum build makes it a superb choice.

Alongside the unique design, this product blesses you with fantastic built quality. You can expect more extended durability with the metal shell. Although the entire outside shell is made from metal, you won’t feel the weight.


  • Sturdy aluminum shell
  • Unique design with easy installation
  • Magnets help set it up quick
  • Perfect for smaller items
  • 100 inbuilt LED light beads


#6. Finnhomy Professional Portable Photo Studio


Finnhomy brought out the big guns with this one. You can get this in a couple of sizes, so pick out the one according to your needs. The LEDs can go up to 5500k when it comes to color temperature.

You’ll also get three different colored backdrops to help you with your photography needs along with the shooting booth. The front opens in three different ways for easier maneuvering. You can rest assured that the tent is easy to handle and carry around.


  • Comes with three PVC backgrounds and a softener
  • Three-way opening front for better maneuvering
  • Three color options for the LED beads
  • The outer layer prevents light bleeding


#5. Travor Photo Light Box Kit


You might be a little overwhelmed when you first come across this one. The gigantic photo booth looks scary at times. You might even be able to fit your toddler in it (we advise against that). The lights can go up to 13000 lumens, which can be blinding if you’re not careful.

Travor ticked all the boxes with this one. If the size isn’t enough for you, you can go even more significant. The 4-way shooting is probably the best part of this one.


  • Four-way shooting
  • Perfect for larger objects
  • Goes up to 13000 lumens
  • Four different colored backdrops included


#4. Samtian Photo Box Shooting Tent


Samitan hit the ball out of the park with this one. You get a total of 126 LED light beads with this one. The lights can go up to 4200 lumens, which are quite enough even for larger products.

You can adjust the brightness settings with the included dimmer too. The box allows for various angles to shoot your product from.


  • Upgraded version with 126 light beads
  • Goes up to 4200 lumens
  • Adjustable brightness with the included dimmer
  • Multi angled shooting


#3. Elegant Choice Light Box


Next up is this light box from Elegant Choice. The design helps keep things minimal and clean. You can even power this up with a USB cable from your laptop.

The six different PVC backdrops included in the box call for multiple backgrounds while you’re shooting for a client. Two LED strips are enough to distribute the lights evenly.


  • The unique design helps it fold
  • You can power up via USB
  • The dual LED strips provide adequate and even lighting
  • 6 PVC backdrops included


#2. AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio


We picked the AmazonBasics light for second place as the other choice was just better. Amazon keeps things minimal and basic as usual. And they nail the basics quite well.

You can control this with the Amazon app. The light box has a three-way door system for convenience. The box comes in all setup, so place your product in and shoot!


  • Available in two sizes
  • You don’t need to waste time setting it up
  • Compatible with Amazon’s apps
  • The three-door system in the front makes things convenient
  • High output LED strips


#1. Emart Photography Table


Our number one for the day is this light box table from Emart. They’re excellent with their lighting products, and this one is no different. You can rest assured that this one will perform well as the brand is dedicated to photography lighting.

The 26 light strips speak for themselves. You can power it up in two ways, which is quite convenient too.


  • Professional studio-quality lighting in a small package
  • Two-way power delivery
  • Four different backdrops included
  • 26 light strips provide a lot of light


Buying Guide for Best Light Box Photography


LED Lights

The first thing to keep in mind while purchasing these light boxes is the actual LEDs. It would be best if you made sure the box you buy has adequate lighting. Usually, a small box will do just fine with 2 LED strips with 60 beads in them. You should also check how many colors the lights can glow in.


Think about the products that you’ll be shooting and buy a box accordingly. You don’t need a gigantic box if you’ll be shooting smaller objects.

Included Backdrops

Some kits provide 4-5 PVC backdrops, while some might not have one at all. So check out which ones offer the best value before buying.




Light boxes can make your product shoots a whole lot easier. Just set them up, place your products in them, turn the lights on and shoot! Pick out any one of the products from our list according to your needs. You’ll be happy with your purchase regardless of which one you picked.


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