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Top 10 Best USB Party Lights– Buyer’s Guides & Reviews



A perfect USB party light will make your party colorful and attractive. These lights help you create amazing lighting effects and beautiful decorations. The lights change the color with the boast of sound activation technology and the strong sense of musical rhythm.


Besides, these lights can be used in smartphones, microphones, computers, chargers, mobile power banks, Bluetooth speakers, and radios, etc.

Like many USB party lights on the market, there are some substandard lights that will disappoint you. Thus, we have listed the 10 best USB party lights with a buying guide below.


Best USB Party Lights

#10. Ball Sound Activated USB Mini Party Lights


Built-in smart voice activation sensor, this USB party light can change the color and speed of the light by capturing nearby sounds or music. It can achieve 7 light colors, red, green, blue, red/green, red/blue, green/ blue, or three colors together.

Besides, it is very small and portable, even smaller than an egg. The light is plug and play, which is suitable for Android and other USB interface devices, you can enjoy music anytime, anywhere.


  • Built-in smart voice activation sensor
  • Achieve 7 light colors
  • Small and portable, even smaller than an egg
  • Compatible with most Apple and Andriod devices


#9. Luditek USB Powered Party Lights Disco Ball


Based on the original RGB mode, OMERIL upgrade the USB party lights by adding a star-shaped yellow pattern! It has 3 sound activation modes (DJ sound/dynamic sound activation/lyrical sound activation), 1 flash mode, and 3 automatic modes (PULSE/JUMP/FADE). Meanwhile, 48 dB could trigger changes in lighting and speed.

With 13 feet(4m) long USB power cord, this lamp can be used with a 5V wall charger, power bank, PC, laptop, car charger, etc. Built-in 2 batteries, 10,000 mAh battery can provide more than 10 hours of power. so you can use it as you will.


  • 360 degrees rotating
  • Adding a star-shaped yellow pattern which makes your party more interesting
  • 3 sound activation modes, 1 flash mode, and 3 automatic modes
  • Easy to use with 13 feet(4m) long USB power cord


#8. Modern Car Portable Long Lifespan USB Party Light


When choosing a USB party light, long-lifespan is also an important factor you should consider. This party light uses high-quality LEDs with 20,000 hours lifetime, thus, do not worry about replacing it in a short time. Besides, the external power supply is DC 5V, which can be used by everyone, including children.

By palm-sized mini design, the lights are smaller in size for use and portability. Moreover, you can connect it with USB sockets such as computers, mobile phone chargers, power banks, car smoke lighters, etc.


  • 20,000 hours lifetime
  • External power supply is DC 5V
  • USB output ports
  • Carry-on lossless installation sound control


#7. EJAYOUNGer USB Mini Party Disco Ball Light


This EJAYOUNGer USB mini party disco ball light has only 3W power, which makes it friendly and energy-saving. The ABS lampshade is made of high-quality plastic shell, light transmittance is above 85% with special surface treatment, so the RGB light balanced, not easy to break. Yet, please not to stare at the light to avoid eye injuries.

Furthermore, it can light up your life, you can put the disco light on your desk or anywhere, the color dots will move throughout the room to create a beautiful night for your children! lightens up the music and mood!


  • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving
  • Light transmittance is above 85%
  • 20,000-hours lifespan
  • Widely applications for family gatherings, outdoor activities, KTV boxes, bars, car atmosphere, children’s birthday party, indoor and outdoor party supplies, Christmas decorations, dance, KTV, DJ party, etc.


#6. Baoxr USB Mini Disco DJ Party Lights, Stage DJ Lights


When you use some amazing lights to decorate dancing parties, DJ parties, KTV, and Christmas parties, this is the right choice you could never miss. This light is very decorative, which makes it excellent for every space. Moreover, it is easy to connect with your mobile phone. The colorful lighting enhances the stage atmosphere, bring better singing and enjoyment.

It can use by various USB ports. You can plug it into any USB power source, such as mobile power, laptop, PC, karaoke microphone or any other device with a USB output port.


  • Powered by a variety of USB ports
  • Small and portable, powerful, can provide a bright and flashing light
  • Suitable for many occasions
  • Flash range: 5-10m, lamp body size: 4cm * 4cm


#5. YOJOHUA LED Car USB Atmosphere Party Light


When you plan to host an unforgettable car party or a kid’s birthday party, these ball lights will meet your needs. This portable mini-disco LED light has an intelligent voice-activated sensor. It captures nearby sounds or music and changes color or speed with the music. It is a great choice for a birthday, Christmas, wedding parties, school events, and entertainment activities.

We recommend using the light at car parties because it uses DC 5V power input. And it can be plugged into the USB interface inside the car. Other than this, it is also compatible with other USB output ports. Such as portable power bank/MacBook or any other laptop/pc/karaoke microphone.


  • USB party lights for car
  • Long working time up to 20,000 hrs
  • Super mini size, even smaller than an egg
  • 18-month warranty


#4. Ytuomzi USB Party Lights Mini Disco Ball, Led Small Magic Ball


You can use the party lights from Ytuomzi to create a festive, romantic, and comfortable atmosphere. This mini disco light will not disappoint you, take one to your friend’s party, decorate the children’s room, or as a children’s toy.

A beautiful gadget with 7 color mode combinations. The weight of 30g can illuminate the range of 5-10 meters. A built-in audio sensor, sound auto control, and flashlight. The sound activation of disco lights is wonderful, and it can dance on music beats in the music mode.


  • Perfect disco light for party, gift, or toy 
  • Plug and play
  • Low heat and low power
  • Illuminate the range of 5-10 meters
  • Long Lifespan up to 20,000 hours


#3. Aevdor Romantic Auto Roof USB Star Lights with Mini Disco Light


This USB party light is great for your home, remote control, travel, bedroom, and party. It has 7 lighting modes, which can be changed at your will. It also can change the color or speed of the lights with nearby music.

Furthermore, it contains a mini USB Night Lights. There is a rotatable rotating device on the light top, thus you can make different patterns. You only need to plug in a USB port, and it will show beautiful red stars on your wall or ceiling.


  • Package Content:1x Star Night Light and 1x Mini Disco Light
  • Super mini size
  • Equipped with 7 lighting modes
  • All the modes are sound activated


#2. Portable Phone Mini 360-degree LED USB Party Light


JINGz USB party lights have many features, which are hard to find in other models on the market. It uses a new 360-degree design, no dead-angle illumination, and includes 2 types of adapters. Mini size. Environmental protection. Easy to use. Energy-saving. Suitable for parties, KTV boxes, bars, DJ parties, weddings, dance parties.

Moreover, each lamp is equipped with a USB port and a mobile phone port (Android / iPhone / Type-C). You can use it on almost any interface. The diameter of the ball is 2.36 inches, even smaller than an egg. But it is very bright and you can enjoy music anytime, anywhere.


  • 360-degree design, no dead-angle illumination
  • Equipped with a USB port and a mobile phone port (Android / iPhone / Type-C)
  • Mini size, easy to use
  • Environment friendly and saving energy, the working time is up to 20000 hours.


#1. Jhua 3 Pcs USB Magic Disco Light Stage Strobe Lights


Jhua USB party light package contains 2pcs single-head mini USB disco lights and 1pcs double-head mini USB disco light. The single head can illuminate at 180 degrees. The double head can illuminate at 360 degrees without dead ends. The coverage is wider and the atmosphere is better, providing another comfortable experience.

Besides, it includes an Android adapter, an Apple adapter, a C-type adapter, and a USB adapter. It is suitable for all types of mobile phones and USB interfaces. So there is no need to worry about mismatching with your phone or other devices. However, pls replace the corresponding adapter according to the interface type before use.


  • Sound Activated & No-Dead-Angle Irradiation
  • 4 Types Of Adapters
  • Mini Size & Easy To Use
  • Environment Friendly & Energy-Saving
  • Widely Used


USB Party Lights Buying Guides


Widely used

When you consider buying a USB party light, you must first determine where to use it. Different applications have different requirements for lights. Consider USB party lights, you can use for Christmas decorations, birthday parties, DJ parties, KTV, disco dancing, and light up the room.

Easy to use

The second thing to consider is easy to use, plug and play, adapt to mobile phone ports, and other USB ports. This will reduce your time and allow you to enjoy the party at any time.

Lighting effect

USB party lights can achieve many color modes, or mixed color modes, or change colors and speeds following the rhythm of music, which can increase the fun of the party.

Service life

Find a USB party light with a service life of 20,000 hours. You will not have to worry about buying a party light again for a few years. Also, consider the seller’s service to ensure that problems can be resolved in time.


For a party, it is often necessary to buy many party lights, so the price is also an issue to be considered. However, when comparing prices, you must first compare their functions and services.


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