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Top 9 Best Bathroom Lighted Mirror – Buyer’s Guides & Reviews



A lighted mirror is an important tool for makeup. It often appears in every space in your home. Among them, the bathroom needs it more. But, because the bathroom is damp, the choice of them is different from other spaces.

Bathroom Lighted Mirror

What are the types of bathroom lighted mirrors? What are the shapes of bathroom lighted mirrors? What are the functions of bathroom lighted mirrors? Before buying a bathroom lighted mirror, it is always right for us to know it clearly first. 

So, in order to choose a high-quality and suitable one, we have listed the following ten products. Hope you can choose from them.


Best Bathroom Lighted Mirror


#9. 48×36 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror with Dimmer Touch Sensor Switch


If you want to adjust the brightness of the bathroom lighted mirror when you take a shower. You need a mirror like this. It is equipped with a smart touch switch. The brightness can be adjusted from 5%-100%. The color temperature can be adjusted with 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K. It also has an anti-fog function. When the light is on, the anti-fog function starts to work. When the light goes out, the anti-fog function stops.

With a copper-free silver mirror, it is more resistant to corrosion than ordinary ones. It uses an excellent LED light source. No dark edges, No flicker, No ultraviolet rays, CRI> 90, and it brings bright light. The IP44 waterproof rating is suitable for damp environments.

Besides, the installation is very convenient. The designed mounting bracket makes it easy to hang both horizontally and vertically.


  • Smart touch switch
  • Copper-free silver mirror
  • IP44 waterproof and dustproof capacity
  • Anti-fog
  • No dark edges, No flicker, No ultraviolet rays, CRI> 90
  • easy to hang both horizontally and vertically


#8. WANDASC 60×40 Large Rectangular LED Front-Lighted Bathroom Mirror


If you have a large bathroom need to install a suitable bathroom lighted mirror, this is a good choice. It is 60 inches wide and 48 inches high, which can cover the entire top of the bathroom cabinet. It is suitable for commercial use because of the large lighting range. Such as luxury hotels, spas, and large makeup studios. By using a 30mm anodized frame, no copper, and smooth edges. This adds a stylish feel to your bathroom.

Besides, it uses a UL flat plug that can be plugged in or hardwired. The wall switch controls the light. With 5mm mirror glass, it is tightly attached to the wall. It looks very clean, simple, and modern.


  • 60″ Wide x 40″ Tall suitable for commercial use
  • No copper, and smooth edges.
  • UL flat plug that can be plugged in or hardwired
  • 5mm mirror glass makes clean and modern


#7. belle electrical LED Makeup Bathroom Mirror with Clock Display


Among the bathroom lighted mirrors, the more sci-fi is the time and temperature display function. With this mirror, you can clearly see the time when washing your face. It uses an ultra-narrow aluminum frame (0.66 inches) with smooth edges. With R8 rounded corner design, it can be applied to different bathroom decorations. The high-resolution silver mirror glass is 4mm thickness. Which gives a very clear and true reflection.

The anti-fog function has a separate switch. You can turn on or off according to your needs. Surrounded by fog and moisture, enjoy the clearest view in the mirror. Besides, there is a waterproof box on the back. It prevents water from entering and avoids damaging electronic components. This ensures that you can use it for a long time.

You can dim the light by pressing the on/off touch sensor button. And release it once you adjust to a comfortable brightness.


  • Anti-Fog & Led Clock Display
  • The back of the led mirror is equipped with a waterproof box
  • Modern R8 rounded corner design
  • On/off touch sensor button
  • UL Certificate and Warranty


#6. S·BAGNO Bathroom LED Lighted Vanity Mirror with Built-in Bluetooth Speaker


Look at the appearance, this is an ordinary lighting mirror. However, you can play music while you are in the shower. Only need to connect to a mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth. This makes you no longer monotonous in the bathroom.

Besides, the touch switch can control the light on/off. The anti-fog function allows you to see clearly without worrying about fogging. It also supports adjusting brightness and color temperature. And can memorize the adjusted settings.

The edge is equipped with safety aluminum alloy, which can protect the mirror from damage. It is also stylish and beautiful.


  • Excellent Bluetooth function
  • Smart touch switch
  • Copper-free silver mirror
  • Safe and easy to install


#5. OVENTE Wall Mounted Vanity Makeup Mirror with 4 AAA Batteries Operated


Ovente bathroom lighting mirror uses diffuse ring lights. You can rotate it to any angle because of the unique 360° internal wiring. And you can view yourself at 1x or 10x magnification. Besides, the illumination is the closest to natural lighting. Mirroring is also distortion-free, which means it does not change the shape of the image.

Equipped with an extension arm, you can stretch and pull out it smoothly. The important thing is that it uses four AAA batteries and has a cordless design. The installation is simple and suitable for various spaces.


  • Runs on 4 AAA batteries
  • Rotate it to any angle
  • Distortion-free magnification
  • Equipped with an extension arm


#4. ExBrite Superslim LED Bathroom Mirror with Night Light


When entering the bathroom late at night, the light on the mirror automatically lights up for you. Now, you would think this is a great bathroom lighting mirror. It has a night light with an automatic “on/off” sensor. Support wall switch control, you can use the plug or cut the plug to the hard wire.

Besides, CRI 90 can simulate natural sunlight. And it can perfectly restore the color of objects. This lamp has passed the ETL listing certification. In line with North American safety standards and energy conservation. With 5-year warranty, you can buy with confidence.


  • Anti-fogging and night light
  • Color temperature 5000K with a CRI 90
  • Energy saving
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy install perfect for bathroom


#3. Keonjinn Oval Bathroom 24×32 Inch Lighted Makeup Mirror


This is a high-quality oval bathroom lighted mirror. It brings a different style to your bathroom space. Dimmable to suit various makeup needs. Controlled by the power switch, only 3 seconds touching to turn it on. You can change the light intensity from normal to brightest.

The power switch and the anti-fog switch are independent. Turn on the anti-fog as needed, which is safe and energy-saving. Besides, this vanity mirror has high-quality durable LEDs. That will provide up to 50,000 hours of lifespan. Therefore, it is a favorite for many years of use. The IP44 waterproof rating ensures safe lighting.


  • 32 x 24-inches size
  • 50,000hrs LED lifespan
  • Wall Switch Control
  • Dimmable LED mirror
  • IP44 waterproof rating


#2. HAUSCHEN 32×24 inch frameless LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror


This is a frameless bathroom lighting mirror. It adds a great appearance to your bathroom. It is a copper-free silver mirror. Which has a much lower corrosion rate than most normal silver mirrors. UL-LISTED electronic components, and cover the safety shell. The ANTI-FOG function helps to maintain a clear reflection image at all times.

The excellent LED backlight brings super bright lighting to your bathroom. You don’t even need any more lighting. The brightness can be adjusted from 20%-100%. You can also choose the color temperature (3000K/4200K/5500K) according to your needs. No flicker, no ultraviolet light, which makes your eyes very comfortable.


  • Anti-fog Separately Control
  • Copper-free silver mirror
  • ANTI-FOG function
  • Brightness can be adjusted from 20%-100%.
  • No flicker, no ultraviolet light


#1. PetusHouse 24 Inch Gold Round LED Lighted Bathroom Mirrors


This is a golden round bathroom lighting mirror. You will find it is very suitable for your bathroom. The golden appearance makes the bathroom look very luxurious. The 50000 hours of super long life ensures that the lamp can serve you for a long time. IP44 waterproof, which means It is safe to use in the bathroom.

This is a dimmable product, you can dim it to provide high-quality lighting. The dimming button tested 100,000 times will not be damaged. Besides, the 5-year warranty ensures that you can buy with confidence.


  • Golden appearance very luxurious
  • 50000 hours of super long life
  • IP44 waterproof
  • 5-year warranty


Bathroom LED Lighted Mirror Buying Guides



Before buying a bathroom lighted mirror, the first thing is its material. Bathroom mirrors have aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors. Silver mirrors are better than aluminum mirrors except for the price. Thus, pay attention to distinguish the real silver mirrors when purchasing.


Bathroom mirrors have various appearances. Generally, there are 3 types: large bathroom mirrors, table mirrors, and embedded bathroom mirrors.
Large bathroom mirror: The large bathroom mirror that directly adheres to the sidewall of the bathroom and can take a half-length image is the most used.
Table mirror: It can be placed on the vanity table or fixed on the wall by a horizontally retractable bracket. This kind of bath mirror is generally small and usually used for detailed makeup.
Embedded bath mirror: When decorating the house, let the woodworker make a built-in cabinet and stick the cut mirror on the door. It saves space and is easy to use. It can be used as a wall bath mirror when the door is closed, and small objects can be placed inside the cabinet door.


When bathroom mirrors are relatively humid in the bathroom, fogging is common. The surface of the mirror becomes blurred. We can’t bear this, so it is necessary to buy a bathroom mirror with an anti-fog function.

Imaging effect

The imaging effect of the mirror is better. Generally, a 5mm thick mirror must not be deformed or skewed within 2 meters. And look at the straight lines unchanged. When looking in the mirror, pay attention to the straight objects and move the lower line of sight slightly. If the straight objects are not deformed, the imaging effect of the mirror is good.


The choice of bathroom mirror should take into account the overall style of the bathroom. For example, an oval mirror is more suitable for the European style, and a square mirror is more suitable for the Chinese style.

Waterproof and rustproof

Ordinary mirrors will become dim if they are placed in a humid place for a long time. They may even rust and fall off. So, it is necessary to pay attention to the waterproof and dust-proof function of the mirror. You can usually watch the portrait in the mirror at a close range. Move your line of sight up and down or left and right to see if the object is bent or deformed, and you will know it is good or bad.


Bathrooms are generally small in space. While looking beautiful, other supplementary functions should also be considered. A mirror with a little storage space can reduce the lack of bathroom space. If it is a small apartment bathroom, please consider this point.




If you need to install a suitable lighting mirror for the bathroom, here is a good choice to try. These products have practical functions, making them an excellent choice for all bathrooms.


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