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What Are the Best Ways to Select Curtain String Lights?



How often have you added a small piece of furniture or decoration in your room, and it has changed the outlook completely? Sometimes, it looks like that particular piece binds your room’s aesthetics together and gives it a more appealing output.

One such piece which holds the ability to change your room for a more appealing look is curtain string lights. If you are someone who heard about these lights but didn’t know what these are or how you can utilize them, then don’t worry. Below we have all the answers to your questions.

What Are the Best Ways to Select Curtain String Lights

What are Curtain String Lights?

When you might have first heard about these lights, this question probably was the first occurrence in your mind. If you still aren’t sure what these curtain string lights are, let us enlighten you.

The curtain string lights are, as the name suggests, a string of lights. These strings are all looming down parallel with lights hanging from them. The cascading sheet gives the appearance of a curtain and can easily be put on a wall or even a window.

It gives a beautiful aura and aesthetically pleasing look to your room when lit.

Goupfafa Curtain Lights – 300 LED Window Curtain String Lights with 8 Modes&4 Brightness, USB Powered Hanging Wall Fairy Light for Indoor/Bedroom/Wedding/Party/Xmas/Decorative(9.8×9.8 FT, Warm White)

  • 8 Modes and 4 Brightness
  • 300 cool white LED curtain lights, made of soft copper wire, can be flexibly adjusted in length
  • USB Operation and Remote Control
  • Waterproof(IP64), lightweight and durable, suitable for indoor/outdoor decoration
  • 1x Warm white curtain light string, 1x Remote control, 1x User manual, 1 Year warranty

Few Best Curtain String Lights

Similar to many home’s decoration items, these curtain string lights have a lot of types too. They come in different shapes and colors, with each light being more appealing than the one before.

However, while selecting one, you should always be considered which light and design will suit your room and conditions the best. Some of the best curtain string lights are:

Simple LED Curtain String Lights

The most basic and the most used string lights out of the lot. The simple LED curtain string lights are a string of small bulbs falling like a curtain. These lights can easily be attached to a wall or window and give your room a beautiful look.

Moreover, the best part is that it is available in many tones to find it in all, from white to the hues of yellow.

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light Wedding Party Home Garden Bedroom Outdoor Indoor Wall Decorations, Warm White

  • 8 Modes settings: combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on.
  • UL Certificated Output and wire
  • Directly plug in and unplug it for power on and off
  • WATERPROOF(IP44) Perfect for indoor and outdoor decorations

Star-Shaped Curtain String Lights

As the name suggests, the Star-Shaped Curtain lights have a star-shaped light attached to them. The looks of these lights are very pleasing, and a lot of people use them to decorate their patios or their children’s room.

The stars give a starry night effect, and whether in blue, white, or yellow tones, they will illuminate the room beautifully.

HORAVA Star Solar Lights Outdoor 138LED Solar Powered Curtain Lights Window Lights Solar Led String Lights Twinkle Star Moon Fairy Lights for Backyard Garden Patio Home Christmas Holiday Decoration

  • Solar Powered & Auto ON/Off
  • Cozy atmosphere AT Home&Outdoor
  • Weatherproof Fairy Lights Decoration Widely Used
  • 8 Lighting Modes. Steady or Twinkle. with timer Remote

Snowflake Curtain String Lights

We all know how delicate snowflakes are, and the intricate details of their shape have made them even more beautiful. Adding such complex and delicate shapes in the string lights gives your room an appealing look.

The snowflake lights were a perfect holiday season decoration; they can be put up all year round in your house.

DomeStar Snowflake String Lights, 10ft 20LED String Lights Blue Snowflake Lights Snowflakes Plastic Fairy Lights Decorations

  • 10Ft. long, made up with 20 PCS plastic LED lights
  • Made of plastic, thick and water-proof, firm and durable
  • 3 AA batteries for a 40-hour long working time
  • Suitable for photograph, house decor, camping lighting, Christmas tree decor. Perfectly for party, stage, wedding, bedroom, night scenes, garden, porch, bedroom, door, Holloween, Thanksgiving table, etc.
  • Don’t hang the lights outside when it is rainning, which may cause damage to this product.

Reason for Choosing Curtain String Lights

Now that you have understood what curtain string lights are, you must be wondering the reasons to put them up in your home. Well, there isn’t one but many reasons why you should choose a curtain string light.

Elevates the Ambience

The curtain string lights are one of the best and most budget-friendly items to elevate the ambiance of any place. These lights are delicate and beautiful to look at. So, when placed correctly in a room, it can boost its atmosphere instantly.

Best to Use for Party Decoration

Backyard BBQs, Bridal Shower, or your wedding anniversary, these lights will come in handy on all occasions. We all make sure to have a top-notch decoration at our most important events; however, sometimes, our budget doesn’t let us go overboard.

That is when these lights serve their purposes. The budget-friendly curtain string lights are a fantastic decoration item to make your special day special.

How to Put Up Curtain Lights?

Putting up curtain lights is not a very hard job, and all you have to understand is the basics. The curtains on your wall are already hooked inside a rod, so you have to buy small hanging loops or hooks for these lights.

  1. Take out the curtain string lights from the package. Make sure not to break any of the lights or strings.
  2. Take one hook and attach it to one end of the wall or curtain where you want the lights to be placed.
  3. Measure how far the string curtains go horizontally and then mark places where you want to attach the hooks in the middle to secure the curtain string light.
  4. Hang the lights on the hooks, and you are good to go.
  5. However, ensure that the battery box isn’t visible when secured if your lights are battery-operated. If they require a plug to work, make sure you have a switchboard at the required distance.

Curtain Lights Hanging Guideline

While curtain string lights are relatively safe, there are some factors that you should consider.

  1. Never let the lights overheat.
  2. Make sure the lights are placed so that they do not become a source of fire hazards.
  3. The bulb’s filaments can be hot, so always hang it at a length where children cannot touch them.
  4. Following all these guidelines will ensure safe light use.

Can You Put on String Lights on Curtains and Other fabrics?

Curtain light strings are a very convenient decoration item, and they can easily be put up anywhere. So install it on your curtains, and put it on your wall or any other fabric you want.

These lights will work perfectly on all.


The curtain string lights look amazing when placed in any room. These lights are a new form of decoration and have become popular instantly throughout. With the tendency to light up rooms and change their aesthetics for the better, these lights might be your best bet for a minimalistic yet powerful decorative item for any place you want.

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