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What Are The Best Ways to Select Pool Table Lights?



Even though the world is advancing and everything is becoming more digitalized, there are certain aspects of life that haven’t changed even a bit. Consider the example of billiards. This game has been one of the most popular games for a long time now.

It was once considered the game of elite-class people, but now it is commonly played in most houses. However, one thing that has remained constant throughout the history of billiards is good lighting. Since pool tables were traditionally set outside the home, different games that are played on them require extra light.

So, if you are someone who is looking to change the ordinary pool table with new lights and make it more appealing, you are at the right place. We will tell you everything about pool table lights and why they are essential.

What Are The Best Ways to Select Pool Table Lights

Why Do You Need A Pool Table Light?

Even though lighting around the pool table is an essential aspect, it is often ignored. From billiards to snooker, all the games that are played on pool tables require additional light. It is crucial because these games need expert visuals, and it is impossible to play a good match with bad lighting.

Apart from that, shadows created by lousy lighting can also be deceiving, which can ruin the entire game. It is important to have a constant light source near your pool table for a good match of billiards or snooker.

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What Factors Should Be Considered While Buying a Pool Table Light?

Buying a pool light might sound like the most straightforward task. However, it is not as easy and requires extra attention. Bad pool lights can ruin your entire setup, including every game you play on it. If you are someone who wants to buy a decent yet appealing pool light, there are many factors you should consider before doing so.


The height of the light is one of the most critical factors you should consider while buying a Pool Table Light. A pool table light placed too high or too low can cause unnecessary problems during the game.

The light placed too high will not provide enough light, and the light set too low will give extra light and will often get hit by the cues.


The brightness of the pool table light matters the most because dim lights won’t provide the necessary amount of light, resulting in an uneasy atmosphere. The bulbs with accurate brightness will light up the room perfectly.

Mainly for a pool table light, a bulb of 60W is preferred. However, if your room receives a good amount of natural light, then a 40W bulb might just work fine as well.


Apart from the height and brightness of the pool table light, its placement also matters a lot. Placing the pool table light in the wrong position might create a bad and uneasy atmosphere. A wrongly placed pool table light will create unnecessary shadows even with the correct height and brightness.

A pool table light should always be placed precisely in the center of the table for even light distribution.


Even though the length of the light is the least considered factor, it is still an important one. Your pool table light should never be longer than your pool table. For perfect placement, it should always be at least 24 inches smaller, 12 inches from each side.

Getting a light too small is out of the question. If you are ever confused about the length of the pool table light, always buy a longer one instead of a short one.

Different Lighting Styles

Since there are different styles of everything, pool table lights are not an exception. Choosing the correct type of pool table light is an important aspect. Many people prefer the style according to the rest of the furniture and atmosphere of the room.

However, if you are renovating your pool table with new lights and setups, it is essential to learn about the latest lighting styles trending these days. Some of the best and most popular pool lighting styles are mentioned to help you choose.

Traditional Pool Table Light

The traditional or classic pool table lights are wide cone-shaped lights. These lights are available in various solid colors, and these are also the cheapest pool table lights.

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Painted Glass Pool Table Light

The painted-glass pool table light is usually a broad rectangular-shaped light. The glass of the light is painted in different styles, providing you with a wide variety of designs to choose from. It looks great in almost every type of room.

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Industrial Style Pool Table Lights

Industrial Style pool table lights are indeed fascinating. However, people don’t prefer it much because the lights are usually enclosed in transparent glass, causing a distraction while playing the game. They are also quite delicate.

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Advanced Pool Table Lights

Modern pool table lights are the result of advanced technology. These lights usually feature low LEDs that evenly spread light across the pool table. Modern pool table lights are available in various designs and styles.

Guideline on Setting up a Pool Table Light

Even though the installation of pool table lights requires expertise, it can be performed easily if you have little knowledge of wires and bulbs. Setting up a pool table light with no information about wires will only result in a waste of money. It is wiser to hire a professional electrician to perform the task.

Proper measurements are one of the most critical aspects of setting up a pool table light. Make sure you have decided on the accurate height, which is between 50-70 inches, and the right length, which lies between 60-70 inches, varying with the size of the table. With these measurements, you will be able to set up a pool table light just fine.


The pool table light is the most crucial pool table feature if you want to enjoy your games. However, choosing one isn’t easy, and placement is even more challenging, but you can tackle the job efficiently with the proper guidance and accurate measurements.

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