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What Are the Ways to Choose Floor Mirror with Lights?



A floor mirror with lights makes your grooming routine easier and more seamless. Whether it’s a back-lit or a front-lit mirror, a lighted mirror shows you the correct skin tone of your skin. It helps you look at every tiny detail on your face while doing makeup or skincare. The mirror leans by the wall, fills your room with bright light, and adds a touch of design element to your home.

What is Mirror with Lights Called?

A mirror with lights is commonly known as an illuminated mirror or lighted mirror. An illuminated mirror has LED lights or LED bulbs situated on its borders. Depending on the type of lighted mirror you own, the lights are sometimes located behind the back or placed in the front as LED bulbs.

Floor Mirror with Lights

Different Types of Lighted Mirrors

A lighted mirror can be a full-length floor mirror with LED lights on the front or a back-lit mirror with lights placed on the back of the mirror.

Full-Length Floor Mirror with Lights

A floor mirror is a free-standing mirror that allows you to view yourself from head to toe. You can either hang it or lean it against the wall. A floor mirror can have LED lights on its edges or large LED bulbs mounted on its borders.

Led Smart Mirror Full Length, Full Body Mirror with Lights Full Length, 63″ x 23.6″ Large Floor Standing Mirror with Lights, Wall Mounted Hanging Mirror for Bedroom (Black)

  • Large Full Length Mirror with Light
  • 22 LED Bulbs and 3 Color Lighting Modes
  • Thick and sturdy aluminum frame
  • Shatterproof Treatment
  • Wall-mounted and standing
  • Functional and decorative

Front-lit Floor Mirror with LED strip

A floor mirror with lights around its edges is known as a front-lit or front-lighted floor mirror. LED strips are placed within the mirror surface, diffusing a warm glow on your surface. Sometimes, the mirror is etched around the edges to allow the light to pass through them.

The front-lit mirror emanates even lighting on your face that allows you to do your makeup without any hassle.

NeuType 65″x22″ LED Mirror Full Length Dressing Mirror Large Rectangle Bedroom Bathroom Living Room Mirrors with Touch Button and Plug, Dimmable Lighting, Stepless Dimming, Burst-proof Glass, Anti-fog

  • MIRROR: Full size, 65″x22″ or 22″x65″, large enough for you to see your entire outfit in a single glance.
  • Enclosed light trough, light more concentrated and brighter
  • SQ grade float glass, high-definition
  • Aluminum structure, rust-proof, reinforce back structure
  • Smart capacitive touch button

Front-lit Floor Mirror with LED Bulbs

In this type of front-lit floor mirror, large LED bulbs are situated around the mirror’s borders. It is also known as the Hollywood mirror or vanity mirror as it is mostly used by makeup artists doing celebrity makeup.

The LED bulbs are large and cast bright, shadowless light on your face to achieve a flawless celebrity makeup look. Most front-lit floor mirrors come with three light modes (warm, neutral, and daylight), allowing you to don your favorite makeup look according to your skin tone even at night. The buttons on the mirror help you in adjusting the brightness level.

Floor mirrors with LED bulbs are portable and convenient to use. You can place it on your tabletop or attach it to your wall in the bathroom.

Somins Thickened Aluminum Alloy Frame Full Length Mirror 65″x22″, Full Length Mirror with Free 10 Dimmable Light Bulbs, Full Body Mirror, Standing Mirror, Large Rectangle Mirror, Wall Mirror-Gold

  • You will get a LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit with 10 Dimmable Light Bulbs
  • Comes with an Aluminum Alloy Thickened Frame
  • Coated with shatter-proof glass
  • Free standing with the stand at anywhere
  • classic look

Back-lit Floor Mirror

A back-lit floor mirror has lights placed behind the back of the mirror surface. The lights are positioned behind the semi-opaque portion of the mirror to produce clean and even lighting. The lights also cast a shadow on the wall that gives an attractive finish to your bedroom.

Back-lit mirrors are mounted on the wall of your vanity room or bathroom to enhance your home décor. It livens up your environment and makes your room appear more expansive.

LED Makeup Mirror

The LED makeup mirror is surrounded by LED strip lighting. The lights shine a soft and even glow on your face. The bright light lets you see all sides of your face, so you never have to deal with an unblended foundation.

This makeup mirror is portable and comes in handy when you want to perfect that messy winged eyeliner on the go.

The LED makeup mirror comes with a rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about being close to the power outlet.

AMZTOLIFE Rechargeable Lighted Makeup Mirror with 3 Color Lights, 8 Inch Magnifying Mirror Double Sided Led Vanity Mirror, 10x Magnification Cosmetic Light up Mirror (Brushed Nickel)

  • 1X 10X Magnification Double Sided LED Makeup Mirror
  • 3 Color Lights Magnified Makeup Mirror
  • Rechargeable Lighted Mirror with Built-in 2000 mAh Battery
  • Upgraded Oversized Ring Light Round Mirror
  • 360 ° Rotation Design for Lighted Magnifying Vanity Mirror

What is the Purpose of Mirror with Lights?

Whether placed on the floor or hung on the wall, a lighted mirror is used for various purposes ranging from personal grooming, enhancing the home interior, or just for added illumination in your home.

Enhancing Home Décor

Installing lighted floor mirrors adds sparkle and spices up the feel of your home. Your bedroom does not look beautiful but expansive as well. It sets up the mood of your home and livens up the environment.

Place your lighted mirror in a room with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling to add extra sparkle to the area.

ANYHI 63” x 24” Full Length Mirror with Lights, LED Full Body Mirror with 22 Dimmable Bulbs, Standing Floor Mirror Dressing Mirror with Touch Button, Wall Mount/Standing (Silver)

  • Glass, Aluminum Alloy
  • Full size: 63”T x 24”L (160 x 60cm )
  • The switch, light colors and brightness are controlled by 3 buttons
  • Hung horizontally or vertically on the wall
  • Aluminum alloy structure, prevent rust, durable and strong
  • Can be a dressing mirror, a vanity mirror or a decorative mirror.

Aids in Personal Grooming

A floor mirror with lights takes your grooming regimen to another level. Whether you are doing makeup, styling your hair, or just casually shaving in the bathroom, a lighted mirror sets you up for satisfying personal grooming any day.

Extra Lighting in Home

Overhead light fixtures cast unwelcome shadows, especially under your eyes, giving you a gloomy appearance. A mirror surrounded by lights is a source of extra illumination in your home to make it appear brighter and roomier.

Benefits of Using Mirror with Lights

A floor mirror equipped with lights saves on your electricity bill, offers you a satisfying self-care routine, and adds a decorative touch to your home.

Saves on Your Electricity Bill

A lighted mirror is surrounded by energy-efficient light-emitting diodes that offer balanced lighting and save on your electricity bill. It’s the easiest way to make your bedroom look charming without costing an arm or leg.

A Decorative Touch to Your Home

Whether it’s lit from the front or back, a floor mirror adds a decorative touch to your home. It looks sleek and minimalistic, giving a contemporary finish to your sweet abode.

On top of that, it increases the value of your home. Invest in lighted mirrors before selling your house, and get ready to earn some extra bucks.

Satisfying Self-care Routine

An illuminated mirror sets the mood of your self-care routine by making it more appealing and satisfying. The light shines through the etched surface of the mirror to reflect a soft glow on your face. You can see your skin tone in the right color temperature allowing you to do your makeup efficiently.


A floor mirror with lights is a convenient way to add extra illumination to your home, improve home décor or make your beauty regime more satisfying. The bright light lifts your mood and allows you to do your makeup efficiently without casting unpleasant shadows on your face.

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